Garden Stakes and Rain Gauges: Easy, Stylish Garden Accents

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If you’ve been searching for an inexpensive way to enhance your lawn or garden, look no further! Happy Gardens offers a wide selection of stakes and rain gauges, many with bells, miniature spinners, and other fantastic features that bring elements of sound or motion to your outdoor space.

Our garden stakes are wonderfully unique – and all of our designs are hand crafted, offering quality as well as a beautiful appearance. Whether you love bees, or if you have a deep appreciation for wise, whimsical owls, you’ll find the perfect accent for your garden in this artfully inspired collection.

People of all ages love the way garden stakes liven up flower beds and walkways. Even shrubbery takes on new beauty with the addition of a miniature sculpture. Butterflies, birds, and bells are often showcased; some even feature moving parts!

If you like to keep track of rainfall, but you dislike the idea of looking at an ugly plastic rain gauge, you’ll be happy to discover our collection of whimsical designs. At Happy Gardens, we take great pride in each of our products; they are built to last! Our cast brass rain gauges double as colorful accents for the garden, pleasing the eye while allowing you to keep tabs on the amount of rain your plants are receiving, and determine how much water you should provide to keep them happy and healthy. Whether you love dragonflies, frogs, or flowers, you’ll find these designs and many more in our rain gauge collection.

Whether your garden consists of a few carefully-tended containers or lots of flowerbeds, water features, and green spaces, you’ll love the way garden stakes and rain gauges enhance your landscape. We’d love to hear from you: Do you have a favorite?

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Great Bird House Stake

This is the perfect garden stake for a planter outside. And the bell works! I just love the look of it. I got the one on the left.

Cute standing bird for garden

It looks so great in my garden. It is very sturdy and well built. I also liked the color I was sent

Three Birds on Stones

The birds arrived in perfect condition. I thought about giving them away, but enjoy them too much! Great for color and spunk indoors or out!

Very satisfied!

Love my little creepy crawler!


They are beautiful, I would definitely order some white ones if they make them