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4 Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor Lawn or Garden on a Budget

4 Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor Lawn or Garden on a Budget

When we shop for homes, many of us put a gorgeous, green lawn at the very top of our lists of wants. But once we move into our homes, we spend our time and money renovating the kitchen and reupholstering the couch, and our once very-desired lawns remain untouched.

Well, here at Happy Gardens, we’re here to help you finally personalize your green space without breaking the bank. For less than you think, you can add perfectly curated objects and ornaments to your lawn.

Here are four ways to bring your outdoor areas, whether big or small, to life with affordable garden decor:

1. Garden Spinners
2. Bird Baths
3. Garden Stakes
4. Garden Statues

Read on to learn more about these budget-friendly buys for your green space!

1. Garden Spinners

A Blue Pansy Garden Spinner

Garden spinners start at $12.99!

Spinners are a simple ornament you can add to your green space instantly. These objects, which look like miniature windmills, come in many themes, like butterflies, pansies and wagon wheels. Many spinners are copper colored or metallic, while others are bright and cheery hues.

Spinners are staked into the ground at various heights, spanning between a few inches to over three feet! Smaller homes and gardens usually feature shorter spinners, while two-story houses with more vast green space often showcase larger, taller spinners. Many gardens and yards also like to feature a variety of spinners at different heights to create interesting sight lines.

The spinners themselves are propelled by the breeze, but unlike wind chimes, they are silent. That makes them a great option for all areas, including those that already feature a music-making decoration.

2. Bird Baths

A Solid Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain

Bird baths start at $47.99!

Dream of having a pool? It could cost you more than $50,000! Start small--buy a bird bath!

All joking aside, running water isn’t always easy for a bird to find. By providing them a place to cool off, splash around and have a drink, you can really help wildlife on a warm summer’s day. Bird baths can actually be more effective at attracting birds than pesky feeders. And new momma birds often bring their babies to a bird bath right away… and yes, it’s totally adorable.

Oh, and a bird bath isn’t just awesome for the local flocks, either. They’re also awesome for you! They are beautiful and provide soothing, waterfall-like noises.

Running bird baths, of course, require electricity. If that’s not possible, consider a hanging bird bath. Bird baths are available in many shapes and sizes. They feature a variety of motifs, including hummingbirds and lotus flowers.

When you do place your bird bath in your yard, try to find a space for it that’s just a few feet below some branches, so birds can come and go easily and safely.

3. Garden Stakes

A Triple Spinning Heart Garden Stake

Garden Stakes start at $4.99!

Garden stakes are similar to garden spinners, but they do not spin. Like spinners, some are tiny, and others are tall. Garden stakes tend to be more varied and different than spinners because they are not designed to move in the wind. That means garden stakes feature more interesting shapes and asymmetrical designs for you to choose from.

Some garden stakes are designed to indicate different herbs and plants in your garden, while others are rain gauges that allow you to see how much precipitation has occurred in your yard.

As always, you should consider the height of your home and your landscaping when picking out garden stakes. And remember, a garden stake is not a lifetime commitment. Feel free to mix, match and swap them out as often as you’d like.

4. Garden Statues

A Cat River Stone Garden Statue

Garden Statues start at $9.99!

Garden statues are a great way to add character and personality to your lawn. Like all other garden decor, these statues come in all shapes and sizes. Some are remarkably cutelike this stone dog!—and others are classic.

Garden statues look especially good when clustered with flowers, around ponds or along pathways. They can also help large areas appear more complete. Got a big backyard? Try placing a statue in an open space next to a bench or other sitting area.

Decorating your lawn with garden statues is like decorating a coffee table or a mantle-place: you don’t have to do it all at once, and you don’t have to keep it one way forever! Move things around, play with different heights and phase out certain items in the summer… make the space your own!

Need a little help designing your dream green space? Wondering which pieces are perfect for your own home or garden? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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