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Yard & Garden Ornaments

Our handcrafted, unique collection of ornaments add instant charm and cheer to gardens of every shape and size. Whether you’re trying to brighten up your apartment’s tiny patio or hoping to turn an expansive porch into something truly special, our ornaments will help you achieve the outdoor space you’re pining–and Pinteresting!–for. These carefully constructed, hand-detailed pieces are made from top-quality, lasting materials and help highlight the natural beauty that surrounds them. All of our ornaments, which were carefully chosen for this collection by our expert team, make excellent gifts for new homeowners, neighbors, family and friends. Our unique birdhouse range may also be of interest.

Why add a lawn or garden ornament to your outdoor space? Let us count the ways! They’re adorable, charming, offer tons of curb appeal, add character and contrast to every kind of home… And no matter what you’re looking for, know this: garden ornaments are one of those finishing touches that turn a house into a home.

At Happy Gardens, our lawn and garden ornaments are perfect for elevating any part of your home—porch, patio, favorite tree, you name it. So have a look at all the ornaments we have to offer and choose what speaks to you. It’s all hand-selected by our talented Happy Gardens team—so rest assured you can’t pick wrong.

What Garden Ornament Is Right For My Outdoor Space?

There’s no “perfect” way to select a garden ornament for your outdoor space. What’s most important, of course, is that you absolutely adore whatever you choose. Just like you’d select art or decor for your home, choosing decorations and ornamentation for your garden is all about personal preference. And as the old saying goes, “there’s no accounting for taste.”

Still, there are some things you can keep in mind when selecting your garden ornament. Do you want something seasonal or something perfect for year-round use? Do you want an ornament that makes no noise—or something with bells and whistles? And do you want something lengthy, or short and dainty? 

If you can’t decide, that’s okay, too. You can always return your item to Happy Gardens within 30 days.

How Are Lawn And Garden Ornaments Made?

Like everything else sold in our Happy Gardens store, our lawn and garden ornaments are handcrafted using top-quality materials. Whether you choose something tropical, like our open pineapple hanging ornament, or something a bit more rustic, like our carved owl ornament, know that super talented designers and artisans have carefully constructed your piece. 

How Do I Care For My Ornament?

When you purchase a lawn or garden ornament from Happy Gardens, it may come with special instructions on how to take care of the piece and keep it looking better, longer. 

But really, there’s not much to it. Take care not to let your pieces be overexposed to the elements—like rain, wind, and snow. But really, these are garden ornaments: They’re meant to be used—to get dirty, to see the light of day. A little wear and tear can add to these pieces’ charm and give them a nice, patinated look that can only be achieved with age. 

How do I Install A Garden Ornament?

Many garden ornaments will arrive with installation instructions—and quite simple ones, at that. That’s because lots of our garden ornaments only need to be secured or hung to a sturdy branch or rafter. And if anything special is required to fasten an ornament, installation hardware should come with your ornament. 

If your ornament arrives and you need help installing it, feel free to reach out to us. We can give some advice or suggest some hardware that might work better for your specific installation situation. 

What Are Your Most Popular Ornaments?

We’re a little biased—because we love each and every garden ornament in our collection, even the ones that aren’t the most popular. Plus, our list of best-sellers is constantly changing. But here are some beloved ornaments that seem to always fly off the shelves:

Our triple spinning heart ornament is a classic Happy Gardens piece that’s perfect for housewarming gifts, holiday gift exchanges, or simply elevating your own outdoor space. Another all-time best-seller? Our bees (double) spiral garden ornament is a beautiful way to add a touch of nature and motion to your favorite tree. 

If you need more inspiration, head to our best-sellers page to see what’s hot with Happy Gardens shoppers.