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For far too long, dealing with rain has been all function and no beauty. Luckily, the ancient Japanese tradition of rain chains has started to make its way stateside. These gorgeous pieces will add charm to your home’s exterior while helping gracefully guide rain to gutters and drains. From natural-looking and understated to colorful and bright, there’s a rain chain for everyone in our Happy Gardens collection. Another bonus? Since these rain chains are so new to North America, they make truly unique and thoughtful gifts for the garden lover who seems to have everything.

Rain chains have long been a beautiful, functional way for homeowners to cover up (and sometimes even replace) unsightly downspouts and gutters. And here at Happy Gardens, we’re proud to offer a collection of rain chains so charming and diverse, we’re confident there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member or hunting for a rain chain of your very own, these frequently asked questions can help ensure you confidently pick the best rain chain. You might also be interested in our mobile and wind chime collections, and our garden stakes and rain gauges collection.

What’s The Origin Of Rain Chains?

While rain chains have surged in popularity in the United States over the past decade or so, they’ve been a part of Asian decor for ages. Rain chains actually originated in Japan, where they’re known as kusari-doi. Today, both Japanese homes and temples still rely on rain chains to keep water runoff from pooling on roofs. 

Rain chains offer a soothing, senses-pleasing alternative to traditional rain gutters and downspouts. So it’s no surprise that more and more Happy Gardens customers are expressing interest in adding one or two of these pieces to their homes’ exteriors. 

How Do I Pick A Rain Chain?

Picking a rain chain is a lot like picking out a piece of art: It’s all about what your space needs—and what really speaks to you. So feel free to browse our collection and see what catches your eye. 

Rest assured that each and every rain chain has been hand-selected by our fantastic team of merchandisers. And know that whatever you do select, you’ve chosen a unique, handcrafted piece that’s guaranteed to make your neighbors jealous. 

How Are The Rain Chains You Sell Made?

Just like every item we carry in our curated Happy Gardens shop, our rain chains are happily handcrafted by talented artisans using top-notch materials. So, whatever you choose, know this: you’re selecting a unique, handmade item that’s been carefully built to last. 

How Do I Care For My Rain Chain?

When you receive your Happy Gardens rain chain, check your packaging materials closely to see if your item comes with special care and maintenance instructions. If not, know this—while there are tons of precautions you can take to keep your rain chain looking brand new for years, it’s a rain chain! It’s okay to let it get wet! 

As your rain chain ages, it might show signs of a patina that actually lends character to its already unique aesthetic. 

How Do I Install My Rain Chain?

Your Happy Gardens rain chain should arrive with simple instructions for an easy, frustration-free installation. Any specialty hardware you need to get your rain chain up and running should be included in the box. And if you have any trouble at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

What Are Your Most Popular Rain Chains?

While our best-selling rain chains are always changing, there are definitely a few items that stand out. Some of these most beloved items?

First up, our neutral, floral, and stunning lily cup rain chain. This piece features a flamed metal finish for a goes-with-everything, metallic look that only gets more beautiful with age. 

And, if you’re a fan of irony, our best-selling watering can rain chain is a great option, too. Featured a cascade of metallic watering cans, this rain chain ensures that when it rains, it pours.

No matter what rain chain you choose, adding a rain chain receptacle can complete the look—and give cascading water a beautiful place to collect. 

Still need help picking out a rain chain? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! Also see our article on rain chains as alternative to downspouts.

We also have specific collections for rain chains with bells, and flower style rain chains. We also have butterfly styles and gutter chains.