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So cute

I love my garden stake. It goes perfect with my garden.

Yellow rose

Beautiful in my pots

Sun With Ball And Dangles Wind Chime

Excited for this piece to arrive and was thrilled to hang it up! The details are amazing and it accents the tree just like I had hoped. Very original and one of a kind for sure!!!

Adorable bird stake

Sturdy, adorable and nice size for garden. Brings a
Whimsical feeling to my garden. Love this.

Love Love Love

These are so pretty and also great quality... the bells don’t really jingle in the wind but it does move nicely and is holding up to our stiff winds here in IL!

5 Reasons Homeowners are Choosing Rain Chains over Gutter Downspouts

Posted by Happy Gardens on

Ask any homeowner: rain is one of the major challenges of protecting a home and its roof. Whether you live in a dry climate or a remarkably wet one, you’ll need to install some sort of mechanism to guide water down a drain.

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that there are options for water drainage beyond the traditional gutter downspout. Recently, a more attractive and very effective alternative has become more prevalent: the rain chain.

While having recently surged in popularity here in North America, rain chains have actually been used for centuries in Asia. They originated in Japan, where they are called kusari-doi. They are still used today to keep water runoff away from the roofs of both homes and religious temples. Like many items that hail from Japan, rain chains are a perfect mix of functionality and beauty.

Already ready to pick out a rain chain? Shop our collection.

Read on to discover seven reasons why more and more people are turning to rain chains to keep their homes safe and stylish.

1. Rain Chains Are Just Plain Pretty

But rain chains were meant to be showcased, not camouflaged. They can be simple or ornate; classic or themed. Colorful or copper-colored. Some feature hearts; others, watering cans or lilies or pineapples. Rain chains are understated but charming. Plus, they enhance the beauty of other garden decor like stone statues or outdoor chimes.

This Lily Cup Rain Chain Makes a Great Gift

Plain and simple, rain chains offer curb appeal—even if they’re just for show. And because they’re one of the more unique pieces of garden decor available, they make an incredibly special gift.

2. Rain Chains Are Easy to Install

You can hire an expert—or bribe your son-in-law—to install a rain chain for you… but you don’t have to! Rain chain installation is relatively simple and intuitive, and most buyers find they are able to handle setup themselves.

This rain chain is great for any home.

If you are adding it onto a gutter that lines the top of your roof, then you can simply use a gutter clip to secure the rain chain to the gutter. These are typically included with a rain chain. For extra support, use a simple stake or anchor to secure the end of the rain chain to an existing drain. In keeping with Japanese tradition, many homeowners will cover the drain below a rain chain with assorted pebbles and stones.

3. Rain Chains Are Affordable

Many buyers incorrectly assume that rain chains are expensive because they’re so darn pretty. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Rain chains are reasonably priced and can boost your garden’s wow factor for less than you think.

This watering can rain chain is a great gift for any gardener.

You can purchase a high-quality rain chain starting at around $50—a small price to pay for an item that’s as pretty is it is effective.

4. Rain Chains Are Less Likely to Clog

Many people will concede that rain chains are beautiful, but are resistant to making the switch because they just can’t believe something so attractive could also be so functional.

This colorful rain chain is a great way to brighten up your porch.

We all know that old muddied leaves wreak havoc on gutters. Did you know rain chains, by design, are much less likely to clog? There is simply no space for leaves and other debris to pass through these chains. Only water can move freely through them. And that’s one less thing to worry about.  

5. Rain Chains Sound Great

Gutter downspouts are industrial by default. It should be no surprise, then, that they can sound clunky and unnatural when rain is rushing down them. On the other hand, rain chains were specifically designed to create beautiful sounds when rain falls.

Rain chains look and sound great when water moves through them.

During showers and storms, water will cascade down rain chains, creating an almost waterfall-like sound effect. Psychologists consider moving water to be a form of white noise—a calming alternative to silence that famously soothes and relaxes fussy babies… and overextended adults!

For a melody custom to your own outdoor oasis, combine rain chains with unique wind chimes.

6. Rain Chains Age Beautifully

Over time, gutter downspouts will not-so-gracefully age, requiring repainting, repair and ultimately, replacement. One of the many reasons more and more homeowners have been replacing downspouts with rain chains is because the latter is actually designed to become more attractive overtime.

Many rain chains are copper or finished to appear copper, helping them age well.

Many rain chains are made of copper, an already-gorgeous element which famously develops a unique patina over the years. Others are made of steel and finished to stay copper-colored forever.

7. Rain Chains Can Also Be Purely for Decoration

Many homeowners think rain chains are gorgeous but want to keep their gutter downspout systems in tact. If you’re like these folks, there’s no reason to choose one or the other. Simply pick out a rain chain for your front porch, garden or backyard and add it to the existing gutter infrastructure.

This Heart Rain Chain Looks Great in Both Modern and Quaint Settings

Ready to pick out a rain chain? Have more questions about how rain chains work? Curious which one is best suited for your own home or garden? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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