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5 DIY Decor Projects for Fall

At Happy Gardens, we love ourselves a long spring and summer… but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all in on fall! To us, autumn is a gorgeous, cozy season when leaves change color and the air gets crisper. We send the kids back to school, enjoy wonderful produce like root vegetables and crispy apples and pull out the mulling spices.

Of course, getting your home and garden ready for fall can be as simple as placing a gourd on your doorstep. But if you wanted to take things to the next level, these five fall-inspired do-it-yourself projects are a great place to start. 

  1. DIY Gourd and Pumpkin Tea Light Holders
  2. DIY Pine Cone Wreath
  3. DIY Painted Acorns
  4. DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeders
  5. DIY Pumpkin Flower Pots

1. DIY Gourd and Pumpkin Tea Light Holders

Happy Gardens - Pumpkin Tea Light Holders

Image Source: Factory Direct Craft

You can handcraft dramatic, autumn-inspired outdoor lighting for a few dollars with these DIY tea light holders. 

Head to your favorite grocery store and stock up on a selection of pumpkins and gourds. Then, trace the outline of a tea light candle onto the center of each gourd, and get to carving. You can then place a tea light candle right in the hole you’ve created. Many crafters prefer battery-operated LED tea lights as they are safer than open flames. 

Display these lights on your porch, your steps... or even your dinner table.

2. DIY Pine Cone Wreath

Happy Gardens - Pine Cone Wreath

Image Source: Country Living

Wreaths are a great way to add character to your home seasonally without making a mess or spending a fortune. Pine cones are cheap and readily available at your local craft store, but you may also be able to find them for free, right in your own backyard.

You’ll need about 40 pine cones to make a good-sized wreath. You can keep them all their natural brown, or paint the edges autumnal colors like orange, yellow, red and gold. Then, wrap floral wire around the base of each pine cone, creating a secure, overlapping effect. 

Not into crafting? Don’t have the time or energy to deal with pine cones? Check out this pine cone wind chime instead! 

3. DIY Painted Acorns

Happy Gardens - Painted Acorns

Acorns are the nuts of oak trees, and are your neighborhood squirrel’s snack of choice. But you can put them to good use, too!

Collect (or buy) acorns--the more the better. You may want to bake them at a low temperature for a few hours before starting your craft project. When they cool, use acrylic paint to decorate the acorns in any way you (or your kids!) like. 

One coat or two, bold colors or neutral ones, you can use these acorns to fill festive fall planters on your porch. Or bring them inside and display them in a candy bowl on your coffee table or mantlepiece. 

4. DIY Pinecone Bird Feeders

Happy Gardens - Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Image Source: Boston Parents Paper 

Another DIY pine cone craft, these pine cone bird feeders are cute, inexpensive and a great project for kids and bird lovers alike. All you need are pine cones, peanut butter, twine and bird seed to get started! 

Cut a piece of twine long enough to suspend a pine cone from a tree branch, then tie it around the top of the pine cone. Then, spread a little peanut butter over the pine cone, and roll the pine cone in the bird seed.

5. DIY Pumpkin Flower Pots

Happy Gardens - Pumpkin Flower Pots

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Got leftover gourds and pumpkins from your tea light crafts? Looking for a cute, autumnal way to display some fresh blooms this fall? Then this craft is for you.

Simply carve pumpkins as you normally would, then drop in a halved water bottle in place of a vase. For extra points, paint the pumpkins white, gold or something else fall-like and festive! 

You can display these pumpkin flower pots on your porch when company heads over, or keep them in your living room for extra ambience. 

Still not sure how to prepare your outdoor space for fall? Our experts are happy to help you pick out something perfect from our vast collection of unique garden decor via phone or live chat

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