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5 Garden Decorating Hacks for Spring

It’s spring! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping. And, hopefully, you are making the absolute most out of your outdoor space.

Here at Happy Gardens, we love nothing more than a beautiful garden and home. And while we’d be more than happy to help you decorate your own outdoor space with one giant online order, we know that for most of our customers, styling a garden or patio is a long-term, constantly evolving project.

If you’re looking to take on a new decorating project this spring, consider one of these five garden decorating hacks:

  1. Choose Floral Garden Decor That Complements Blooming Flowers
  2. Mix Vintage Finds with Unique, New Garden Decor Pieces
  3. Find Funky Ways to Label Plants & Herbs
  4. Use Solar Power to Incorporate Light to New Areas
  5. Add a New, Stunning Welcome Sign

1. Choose Floral Garden Decor That Complements Blooming Flowers

Happy Gardens - Lily Cup Rain Chain

Spring is a great time to look around your outdoor space and draw inspiration from what you’ve already got. Your garden is in full bloom, and will likely never be as lush and colorful at any other time of year. So take stock of the colors, textures and mood of your yard now. Then, use your findings to help you select floral garden decor that will invoke spring even when winter rolls around.

For example, if you love your blooming lilies now, why not invest in a metal piece that pays homage to them all year long?  

2. Mix Vintage Finds with Unique, New Garden Decor Pieces

Happy Gardens - Vintage Garden Finds

Our team of garden-loving merchandisers painstakingly selects gorgeous, unique and handcrafted products that will bring joy and charm to your outdoor space for years to come. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good garage sale. We are always looking for one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces to add to our own outdoor spaces.

Old signs make wow-worthy statement pieces when laid against a fence or wall, and old soda crates make eclectic and fun storage spaces.

3. Find Funky Ways to Label Plants & Herbs

Happy Gardens - Parsley Garden Stake

Whatever you’re growing, find a way to share that information in style! There’s no need to settle for the little paper tags that come with plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs you bring home from the nursery.

Need some ideas?

  • Have your kids paint and decorate little rocks and stones that prominently feature whatever your growing.
  • Use metal garden stakes for a charming, vintage look.
  • Sand off a little section of a fallen branch, writing the name of the crop in permanent marker.
  • Place a used cork on a skewer, again using permanent marker to write each plant’s name.
  • Place empty seed bags on a popsicle stick, then protect them from rain and the elements with a vintage mason jar.

4. Use Solar Power to Incorporate Light to New Areas

Happy Gardens - Solar Powered Garden Lights

We all know that lighting adds so much depth and charm to outdoor spaces, especially in the evenings and at night. But now, garden lovers aren’t restricted by the location of power outlets. With modern solar power technology, you can easily introduce lighting to areas that were previously left in the dark.

There are many lower-luminosity outdoor lights available in solar power. While it’ll take a little extra work to get them glowing, it’s well worth it. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries, wasting electricity or setting those pesky automatic timers!

5. Add a New, Stunning Welcome Sign

Happy Gardens - Welcome Sign

Finally, consider adding a charming welcome sign to your porch or front door. You can make one yourself with help from your kids, or you can pick out a handcrafted one that matches your home’s aesthetic.

Extra points for selecting a welcome sign that has a few hooks, so guests can valet their umbrellas and dog leashes!

Need a little more help picking out some charming and unique spring garden decor? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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