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5 Ways to Decorate Your Garden for Halloween

Here at Happy Gardens, we love nothing more than a gorgeous outdoor space. Whether your style is traditional, modern or eclectic, our collections of garden decor are full of unique, remarkable pieces that’ll add charm and character to your home. 

But when it comes to Halloween, many garden lovers aren’t sure how to incorporate spooky, fall vibes into their existing outdoor space. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of five easy, inexpensive ways to get your garden trick-or-treat ready! 

  1. Go Crazy with Cobwebs
  2. Make Cute Mummy Pumpkins
  3. Create a Halloween Candy Wreath
  4. Fashion Some Flying Ghosts
  5. Turn Your Tomato Cages into Ghouls and Ghosts

1. Go Crazy with Cobwebs

Happy Gardens - DIY Cobwebs

Ever wonder how your neighbors pull off those creepy cobwebs every October? Here’s the secret: cotton! All you need is cotton batting, scissors and a little bit of invisible tape. (Plastic spiders are optional, but highly recommended.) 

Simply cut a piece of cotton batting, then stretch it both tall and wide until it resembles a wispy cobweb. Layer several different pieces of stretched cotton for a full, webbed effect. Arrange the pieces in a way that looks organic and natural, then use invisible tape to secure the cobweb in place. Add plastic spiders if you wish! 

2. Make Cute Mummy Pumpkins

Happy Gardens - Mummy Pumpkins

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Carving pumpkins is fun, festive andlet’s be reala freakin’ mess. But there are plenty of other ways to decorate your home and garden with pumpkins, like this adorable mummy pumpkin! Made with cheesecloth and googly eyes, these pumpkins are super cute, without all the cleanup. 

All you need is cheesecloth (or gauze!), a hot glue gun, and whatever else you’d like to bring your pumpkins’ little faces to lifefaux mustaches, rhinestones, whatever you’d like.

3. Create a Halloween Candy Wreath

Happy Gardens - DIY Halloween Candy Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for December; we adore them every month of the year. There are lots of different ways to decorate your door for the spookiest (and sugariest!) night of the year. Cover a traditional wreath in cobwebs, or go candy crazy with our favorite October wreath of all: a DIY Halloween Candy Wreath. 

Collect small, individually wrapped candies in your desired shapes and colors, then hot glue them to a foam-wrapped wreath, overlapping as you work. 

4. Fashion Some Flying Ghosts

Happy Gardens - DIY Ghosts

Image Source: DIY Network

Have a big ol’ oak tree just begging to be draped in charming faux ghosts? Then grab a sheet, a pair of scissors, some white tissue paper and get crafting! This website will walk you through every step of creating the perfect ghosts for your backyard, front yard or patio. While a little more work than cotton swab cobwebs, nothing screams Halloween quite like a few well-executed sheet ghosts. 

5. Turn Your Tomato Cages into Ghouls and Ghosts

Happy Gardens - Tomato Cage Ghouls

Image Source: Country Living 

We’ve saved the best for last! 

While you may be mourning the end of beloved tomato season, you can still put your tomato cages to good use this fall by turning them into luminous ghosts. All you need to do is wrap the tomato cage in a set of LED string lights, then cut a white pillowcase just a little so it’ll fit over the cage. Use a permanent marker to draw a spooky (or silly!) face, then slip it over the tomato cage. Turn the lights on when the sun sets, and you’re done! 

Not sure how to get your garden ready for halloween, or even for fall? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat

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