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garden party in the summer

5 Ways to Throw a Perfect Summer Backyard Garden Party

What’s a garden party? A garden party is an outdoor social event that’s hosted at home, usually in a yard or a garden. But just because garden parties are outside doesn’t mean they’re “thrown together.” Garden parties are famously pretty, offering stunning tablescapes, perfectly-planned eats and tons of charming diversions. 

Typically held in spring or summer, garden parties are a great way to get your friends and family together in a more fanciful way, all while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Here are five of our best tips for throwing the best garden party possible:

  1. Create a Tablescape That Wows
  2. Choose Food That’s Both Pretty and Tasty
  3. Offer Plenty of Fun and Games
  4. Don’t Forget About Comfort 
  5. Ensure Your Garden Looks Its Best

1. Create a Tablescape That Wows

Happy Gardens - Garden Party

Your outdoor table’s look and feel is central to the success of your garden party. A great tablescape should wow guests with colors and textures that set the tone for the rest of the afternoon’s event. 

A crisp white or rustic burlap tablecloth is all you really need to get started. Your everyday plates and glasses can be used if you’d like. But you can also go all out on new tableware at Anthropologie—it’s up to you! 

Then, choose a centerpiece that really speaks to your garden party’s theme. If your motif is all things pink, the flowers featured on your table should reflect that. If your theme is earthy and understated, try a centerpiece of sage, succulents and stone. You can learn how to make DIY flower arrangements here. 

Then, elevate your table even further with handwritten place cards, printed menus or ornate napkin rings. 

2. Choose Food That’s Both Pretty and Tasty

Happy Gardens - Garden Party Menu

Even the most minimalist of garden party tablescapes are made instantly more beautiful with the addition of gorgeous food and drink. Garden parties are the perfect time to pull out all the stops in the kitchen. Choose seasonal, fresh recipes that feature pops of color and tons of flavor. 

Our favorite garden party ingredients? Whatever you’ve grown yourself! If your tomatoes are thriving, feature them in a gazpacho or caprese salad! If you’ve got zucchini growing like weeds, throw the blossoms into a salad and use the veggies to make a tea cake.

Many garden party hosts will also make a signature drink for their event, such as a family-friendly sweet tea or an adults-only sangria. 

3. Offer Plenty of Fun and Games

Happy Gardens - Garden Party Games

Your garden party will feature a ton of eating, drinking and chatting… but it won’t all happen at the center table. Encourage your guests to unwind in a variety of places on your property.

Invest in a couple fun law games, from classics like croquet and cornhole to super-sized favorites like Jenga and Connect Four.  

If there are kids attending your party, you’ll also want to provide them with some outdoor activities. Sidewalk chalk or bubble wands are great, inexpensive diversions that’ll keep children entertained. 

4. Don’t Forget About Comfort 

Happy Gardens - Garden Party Shade

Most garden parties take place in the afternoon, when temperatures surge and the sun is quite strong. You’ll want to create places for your guests to socialize in the shade—otherwise, they may get uncomfortable and leave too soon! 

The easiest way to create shady respites is by utilizing your yard’s natural tree cover. Set up blankets and pillows or a few chairs in these areas. If you don’t have natural coverage from the sun, a large umbrella will do the trick.

5. Ensure Your Garden Looks Its Best

Happy Gardens - Gardening

Finally, remember that your garden itself will be the star of the show. You’ll want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before your guests arrive. Pull weeds, cut back shrubs and lay down new mulch. Whatever you need to do to help your garden dazzle! 

If your patio furniture has seen better days, it might be time to consider replacing it. Even a simple, rustic picnic table will do the trick—so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune. 

You might also want to add a few pieces of garden decor to really bring your outdoor space together. Consider ordering a unique and popular wind chime or a whimsical garden stake to add charisma and color to your garden. 

Need a little help getting your garden ready for your summer soiree? We’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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