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6 Colorful Pieces of Garden Decor

Nobody ever regrets playing it safe with neutral garden decor… but why not liven up your outdoor space with some colorful garden decor, too!? At Happy Gardens, we offer a wide range of whimsical garden decor, including handcrafted, color-rich pieces that will brighten up every garden and yard.

Here’s a list of six of our favorite colorful outdoor pieces from the Happy Gardens collection:

  1. Birds on Rocks Garden Statue
  2. Sun with Dangles Wind Chime
  3. Multicolor Heart Rain Chain
  4. She Shed Birdhouse
  5. Blue Feather Wind Spinner
  6. Yellow Rose Plant Prick

1. Birds on Rocks Garden Statue

Happy Gardens - Birds on Rocks Garden Statue

Modern home. Traditional home. Transitional home. It doesn’t matter, because this set of colorful bird statues looks wonderful everywhere and anywhere. Perched on various-sized, natural-looking rocks, these birds give off major “antique store score” vibes. We love the natural-but-bright stains on the birds: a minty green, a rich red wine, a bold French blue and a kiwi-inspired green.

Display these colorful chirpers on your front porch or nestle them in your garden or walkway. No matter where you place these funky, feathered friends, they’re sure to elicit compliment after compliment from your friends and family.

2. Sun with Dangles Wind Chime

Happy Gardens - Sun with Dangles Wind Chime

Celebrate the sun and champion color with this rainbow-inspired wind chime. This piece, which is new to our Happy Gardens wind chime collection, is already one of our all-time favorites. Carefully handcrafted sun rays frame vintage-inspired bells that are highlighted by colorful charms in bold hues like turquoise, sky blue, red, yellow and orange.

Hang this unique wind chime from your favorite tree, or right outside your kitchen window. After all, you (and your guests!) are going to want to enjoy it as much as possible.

3. Multicolor Heart Rain Chain

Happy Gardens - Multicolor Heart Rain Chain

Rainy day got you feeling grey and glum? With this colorful rain chain, you can brighten up even the dreariest of days! With distressed, handcrafted hearts in colors like red, blue, yellow and green, we promise your neighbors have never seen a rain chain quite this cute. Like every rain chain in our collection, this piece has been happily handcrafted.

At Happy Gardens, we only sell high-quality rain chains that are easy to assemble, install and maintain.

4. She Shed Birdhouse

Happy Gardens - She Shed Birdhouse

Forget Barbie Dreamhouses. This stylish, mint and pink bird house is where you—well, your birds!—want to be. Our best-selling, fully-functional “she shed” is adorned with a front bench, window box flowers, picket fence details and even tiny, little garden tools. The birdhouse also features drainage and ventilation, and is made out of wood, which birds prefer. Plus, roof shingles help ensure this wooden bird house will keep birds happy and safe, no matter where you live.

Place this birdhouse in a tree, or attach it to a fence or post.

5. Blue Feather Wind Spinner

Happy Gardens - Blue Feather Wind Spinner

Sure, the sky is blue. But beyond that, there’s just not much representation for this gorgeous hue in our outdoor spaces. (Unless you’re lucky enough to life on a lake, pond, river or ocean!)

Introduce some stunning blue into your yard or garden with our blue feather wind spinner. At nearly two feet tall, this garden stake will add color and excitement to any grassy area or flower bed. Plus, the sculpture spins in the wind, making it that much more of a focal point.

6. Yellow Rose Plant Prick

Happy Gardens - Yellow Rose Plant Prick

Got a brown thumb? Winter got you down? You still deserve some color in your garden! Our rose plant pricks—available in yellow, blue and white—allow you to enjoy the romantic beauty of roses all year round. Stake them in flower pots, along walkways or right into window boxes. Purchase several to create a more robust rose garden. Try a monochrome cluster or build a diverse bouquet—you can’t go wrong either way!

Need more height and more color? Try out this multicolor garden stake, which also features roses!

Still need help picking out something super colorful for your garden? We’re here to help via phone or live chat!

About Us:

Happy Gardens is the premiere online destination for beautiful garden decor and gifts, including bold and bright items like windchimes and garden stakes. We hand-select high-quality products that are sure to be cherished by you, your family and your guests for years to come. To join our mailing list and be the first to know about our new products and awesome promotions, click here!

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