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spring garden decor

6 Gorgeous Examples of Spring Garden Decor

It’s finally spring! Our favorite season, which runs from late March to late June, is full of sunlight, warmer temperatures and breathtaking blooms. Plus, the time change in spring gives us extra daylight after work and school to enjoy our patios, yards and gardens, including garden wall decor.  As you and your family prepare to spend more time outside, you might want to beautify your outdoor space to make it that much more pleasurable.

So, to help you make your spring even sweeter, our Happy Gardens team has compiled six spring decor ideas. Some are DIY, others are ready to buy. And they’re all beautiful, charming and fun garden ideas.

  1. DIY Garden Lanterns
  2. Solar-Powered Lights
  3. Lawn Ornaments and Garden Sculptures
  4. Whimsical Garden Markers
  5. A DIY Garden Shelf
  6. Metal Garden Accessories

1. DIY Garden Lanterns

Happy Gardens - DIY Tin Can Lanterns

Image Source: HGTV

DIY Garden Lanterns are one of our favorite family projects. We’ve featured them before, and we’ll feature them again. Why? Because they are one of the easiest, most creative and inexpensive ways to bring life, charm and energy to any outdoor space. They are also great for kids!

Creating and placing a few of these homemade light fixtures can be completed in one rainy afternoon. And you don’t need much. Some old food cans, jewelry wire, some funky beads and an LED tea light are a great start. You’ll also need a drill, but just to make little holes. No real building required!

Click here for more details on this DIY project and a handful of others we love.

2. Solar-Powered Lights

Happy Gardens - String Lights

If creating a DIY garden lantern isn’t in your wheelhouse, or you’re hoping for a more polished aesthetic, solar-powered lights might be a better choice. From romantic string lights to modern pathway bulbs, solar-powered lights bring luminosity and vibrancy to your garden without the hassle of wires and electricity.

3. Lawn Ornaments and Garden Sculptures

Happy Gardens - 8 Stone Cairn Statue

There’s so much more to spring outdoor decor than garden gnomes and faux flamingos. At Happy Gardens, our talented merchandising team selects authentically handcrafted and unique pieces that are truly different from the products big-box competitors sell.

These lawn and garden accessories include quite stunning lawn ornaments and garden sculptures. Looking for recommendations? We love our contemplative 8 Stone Cairn Garden Statue for every home, whether modern or traditional.

4. Whimsical Garden Markers

Happy Gardens - Basil Herb Garden Stake 

Still have a little cardboard tag from the nursery that sold you herbs staked in your basil? There are a million different ways to share what you’re growing with your family, neighbors and guests. So get a little creative with whimsical garden markers!

You can either create DIY garden markers (try this with rocks!) or find some unique ones for purchase. These metal cut-out stakes are a great choice because they boast a flamed finish that’s both understated and stunning, all at once.

5. DIY Garden Shelf

Happy Gardens - DIY Garden Shelf

Image Source: HGTV

Whether your outdoor space needs some serious storage or just a cute place to show off some awesome garden decor, a DIY garden shelf is the answer.

We love this wooden option from HGTV, although it’s not the easiest and requires the use of some tools. If you adore challenging but fun garden projects, you’ll love customizing your finished product with cool paint, fun stencils and more.

If you can’t stomach a challenging project this spring, there are plenty of cute garden shelves that are ready to buy. Or, you can repurpose an old bookshelf by sanding it and then adding your own paint or a new wood stain.

6. Metal Garden Accessories

Finally, we love what a high-quality metal garden accessory can do for just about every style of outdoor space. Whether you’ve created a contemplative garden, a funky patio, a modern and industrial yard or a traditional porch, metal garden decor will only complement its surroundings.

At Happy Gardens, we have an enormous collection of unique metal garden accessories. Many of these are also stone garden ornaments and accessories that are mixed with interesting metals like iron or steel. If you’re looking for quirky things for the garden, this metal and stone dog statue is a good place to start!

Prefer your decor a bit more traditional? This Hanging Birds with Bells Mobile Wind Chime is classic yet unique, and makes a great spring gift.

Need a little more help picking out spring garden decor? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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