7 Garden Tools To Boost Your Green Thumb

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Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to the grow-your-own-greens game, a high-quality set of garden tools is always a worthy investment. Our expert team here at Happy Gardens has compiled a list of eight products that’ll help you tend to your outdoor space with expert care. 

  1. Classic Garden Shovel
  2. Dibber and Bulb Planter
  3. Garden Pruner
  4. Garden Fork
  5. Garden Tool Belt
  6. Garden Multi-Tool
  7. Sharpening Stone
  8. Canvas Tool Bag & Stool Carry-All

1. Classic Garden Shovel

Happy Gardens - Shovel in a Gift Box

Garden shovels have multiple uses, and no gardener should be without one. From weeding to replanting, most gardeners find themselves reaching for their favorite shovel multiple times a day. 

Our favorite shovel, which is featured in our garden tools collection, comes pre-packaged in a lovely gift box, making it a great ready-to-ship present. Our best garden shovel is also made from stainless steel and features a leather hanging loop for easy, visible storage. 

Got smaller hands? This petite garden shovel might be better suited for you. 

2. Dibber and Bulb Planter

Happy Gardens - Dibber/Bulb Planter

A dibber and bulb planter is another multi-use tool that every gardener--whether professional or rookie--ought to have. Use it to effortlessly create holes for bulbs and seedlings. 

Our best dibber and bulb planter is also ready-to-gift, arriving in a sweet keepsake box. The traditional, stainless steel tool also features an authentic leather hanging loop for simplified storage.

3. Garden Pruner 

Happy Gardens - Garden Pruner

One of the most useful garden tools around, a garden pruner is used to trim just about anything… herbs, flowers, shrubs, thin branches. Offering a satisfyingly effective cut, garden pruners make tending to your garden that much easier.

Our featured garden pruner is a brilliant, candy apple red--and it’s as easy to use as it is adorable.

4. Garden Fork

Happy Gardens - Garden Fork

A garden fork helps loosen, lift and turn over soil. If you’re doing a lot of dirty work in your garden, then a garden fork might be a good choice for you.

Our favorite garden fork is a tad on the small side, making it perfect for female gardeners or those with smaller hands looking for a high-quality fork. Finished in a stunning, cherry red, this tool will quickly become an easy-to-find favorite in your tool belt.  

5. Garden Tool Belt

Happy Gardens - Garden Tool Belt

Speaking of tool belts, no gardener should get to work in their green space without one. Stop running back between your garden and your tool shed, and start focusing on your plants and flowers by finding a tool belt that really works for you.

Our favorite garden tool belt is neutral, comfortable, comes with an adjustable strap, has PVC lining and multiple compartments. 

6. Garden Multi-Tool

Happy Gardens - Garden Multi-Tool

Newbies and proven planters alike love multi-tools because they are just so helpful and compact.

Our garden multi-tool is stainless steel and offers five high-quality functionalities: root remover, pruning knife, pruning shears with safety, taproot dibber and wood saw. It’s made from beautiful, European ash wood and comes in a beautiful gift box, making it an excellent gift. 

7. Sharpening Stone

Happy Gardens - Sharpening Stone

After a few years of use, garden tools tend to dull pretty drastically. While replacing your tools is an option, you don’t always have to. A high-quality sharpening stone can help keep your favorite sheers, shovels and more in tip-top shape. 

Our Happy Gardens sharpening stone is made from corundum, an extremely hard, aluminum-based mineral. 

8. Canvas Tool Bag & Stool Carry-All

Happy Gardens - Canvas Tool Bag & Stool Carry-All

Gardening is a labor of love… but that doesn’t mean it should be harder than it has to be! That’s where our canvas tool bag and stool carry-all comes in! 

This two-in-one foldable chair and tool bag is both stylish and functional. Easily stock tools in spacious side compartments, then simply unfold the stool and take a seat while gardening or taking a break.

Still not quite sure which garden tools you’ll need to up your gardening game? We can help you decide! At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat

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