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wall art ideas for your yard or garden

8 Stunning Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

A decorative outdoor wall can turn a drab, generic space into a unique, charming focal point. Whether you're a minimalist, a maximalist, or something in between, outdoor wall decor is a fun, inexpensive way to add style to your home and garden.

From oversized clocks to DIY mural walls, there are seemingly infinite ways to personalize and punch up even the most blasé of exterior walls. After all, you wouldn't dare leave every home in your house bare. Why shouldn't your exterior walls get some love, too?

If you've been wondering what you should hang on the front of your house, a boring porch wall, an exterior brick wall or any other undecorated wall space, read on! In this article, we'll reveal eight gorgeous outdoor wall art ideas for outdoor wall decorations, from easy DIY projects to unique, ready-to-hang pieces from our Happy Gardens collection.

1. Beautiful, Functional Clock Wall Decor

One of the best ways to decorate an outdoor wall is with a timepiece. Whether you choose a prefabricated clock or elect to build one yourself, you really can't go wrong with this functional, attractive piece of wall decor.

Most prefabricated, analog clocks are battery operated and very easy to install. Just make sure they're able to withstand the elements before you place them outside. (You'll likely want to find a clock specifically designed for outdoor use.)

Our grand recommendation for outdoor timepieces: go big! Choose an oversized clock that really makes a statement. From eclectic to traditional, there's something for every style of home.

Want to make your own timepiece? There are many ways to make a DIY clock, often using materials you've already got, or can grab at a craft store or through a good ol' dumpster dive. One of our favorite ideas is to paint the wood you use as a base for your clock. That way, you can incorporate your favorite colors into the timepiece, adding a pop of color to an otherwise plain outdoor wall.

Just a quick note: making a clock from scratch isn't the easiest of DIY activities, but this DIY clockmaking guide can help. And remember, you don't have to do everything yourself. Feel free to buy a simple outdoor clock and add your own personal touches to it!

(2) Handcrafted, Unique Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is a popular choice for a wall decoration because it's timeless, looks good with all styles of homes and holds up year after year. While you can definitely create your own metal wall decor, you might need to take more than a few welding classes to pull it off.

Fortunately, our Happy Gardens merchandising team has curated a charming collection of metal wall decor for every style and budget. From our beloved, celestial sun and moon wall hanging to our rustic owl wall hanging, you're sure to find a wall decoration that you love in our shop.

(3) DIY Outdoor Plant Wall

A vertical garden is a great way to add color to your outdoor space, especially if you're in an urban setting or aren't surrounded by grass and trees.

The best thing about an outdoor plant wall is that even the least handy of people can build one! In fact, a plant wall is one of our favorite DIY crafts for beginners. That's because some DIY vertical gardens require little more than fabric, a few tin cans and a bag of potting soil.

Plus, vertical gardens are infinitely customizable: pick the color, style and vibe of your dreams, then get to work! Add herbs, flowers, succulents, orchids, perennials--whatever you wish. And remember, you can always change your mind.

Vertical Garden

(4) DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

Another inexpensive, DIY-way to decorate exterior walls: with a fabric sign. Simply select an outdoor fabric in a pattern you love, grab a pair of dowels, some eye hooks and string.

While you can choose any fabric you like, we highly recommend selecting one that's made for the outdoors. We love Marimekko's iconic, oversized prints for pops of color for modern homes. For traditional homes, wallpaper-inspired fabrics can lend that country cottage vibe to outdoor areas.

Even though you're using fabric created to withstand some sun exposure, we recommend placing these DIY fabric signs on outdoor walls that don't get direct sunlight. Your wall décor will last a whole lot longer that way.

(5) Wall Decor Discs

Wall décor discs are classic pieces of art that bring tradition and complexity to any garden or yard. These discs are perfect for decorating any outdoor space, from garden wall to porch panel. Most wall decor discs feature neutral, metallic colors like copper, gold and silver. Over time, they may develop that much sought-after patina that only adds to their charm.

At Happy Gardens, we feature over a dozen wall decor discs in our online shop. Each one has been carefully handcrafted to ensure beauty and durability. Many incorporate common themes like owls, the sun, dragonflies, butterflies and flowers.

Wall decor discs are perfect for people who want to add character to their outdoor space without getting their hands dirty. These wall discs are a cinch to display: installation is foolproof and takes just a few seconds.

(6) Oversized House Number Signs

Why not elevate your house's walls by turning boring, old house numbers into something bigger, brighter and bolder? Oversized house numbers are an inexpensive but highly-effective way to punch up curb appeal while making a major statement.

You can buy jumbo house numbers at big box retailers, find a local retailer, or get them custom-made by an artist on Etsy. There's tons of ideas on Pinterest, too. Or, go for a walk in your neighborhood and look for some inspiration in real life.

(7) DIY Outdoor Wall Mural

An outdoor wall mural is another inexpensive, unique way to transform a generic outdoor wall into a high-impact, statement piece.

The best part of all is there are zero rules to painting an outdoor wall. Some popular wall art ideas include:

  • using masking tape and bold-colored paint to create geometric shapes
  • spray-painting over stencils to create perfect tessellations and patterns, like Greek key
  • blending multiple shades of one color to create an on-trend ombre wall
  • painting simple cabana stripes of white and another color (like sky blue or forest green)

Painting an exterior wall is a relatively low-risk, high-reward activity that the whole family can enjoy. Your kids can help select colors, fill in areas with paint, remove masking tape, and more!

When it comes to choosing which outdoor walls to decorate, anything goes. You can select any outdoor wall or fence that needs to be livened up! When choosing paint, opt for paints intended for exterior use. (An outdoor wall mural is a great way to use up all those random paint samples you have in the garage.)

Finally, be sure to use a sealer or topcoat to protect your work from the elements.

(8) DIY Wood Wall Decor for Outdoors

Got some spare wood laying around from your last little home improvement project? Turn those leftover materials into a one-of-a-kind piece of wall décor!

By painting and waterproofing a simple piece of wood, you can create inexpensive and unique outdoor wall art for your home in minutes. Paint anything you'd like, from an impressionist mural to a color blocked, Rothko knock-off. For a statement piece, paint one oversized piece of wood. For a funkier, more eclectic look, try painting many tiny wood squares and creating a gallery wall.

Pro tip: use acrylic paint for your outdoor masterpieces. It's durable, inexpensive and more resistant to weather than other types of paint. Then, waterproof your outdoor wall art with polycrylic or water-based polyurethane.

How to Hang Outdoor Wall Décor 

Hanging wall décor is usually easy and efficient, especially if you purchase ready-to-install wall art.

To install wall décor, begin by cleaning the area where you wish to hang your wall art. Then, refer to the specific instructions that come with your piece of wall art. If you are hanging a piece of DIY wall art, refer to the installation instructions that accompanied the article.

A few considerations:

  • Keep in mind how weather and wind might affect your wall art as you’re looking for the right place to install it
  • If hanging DIY wall decorations, ensure you have properly waterproofed your sign or art
  • Use heavy duty nails and screws whenever possible
  • Inspect installation regularly

To keep your wall décor looking great for years to come, you may want to consider removing it during particularly rough weather events. Some people remove wall art for the entire winter, although the choice is yours.

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