8 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day Outside

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Memorial Day is Monday, May 27th, 2019… and we could not be more excited to (unofficially!) get this summer started! Whatever your plans are for Memorial Day weekend, we hope you’ll plan a few outdoor activities for you and your family.

Here are eight ways to incorporate our favorite placethe Great Outdoorsinto your first weekend of summer:

  1. Host a Block Party
  2. Take Your Family Out to the Ballgame
  3. Head to Your Local Botanical Garden
  4. Hit the Beach
  5. Explore a Local Hiking Trail
  6. Camp in Your Own Backyard
  7. Take the Kids to a Splash Pad
  8. Have a Picnic in Your Garden

1. Host a Block Party

Happy Gardens - Block Party BBQ

If you want to host an old-fashioned, close-the-roads block party, you’ll need to pull permits. But if you want to host a block party in your own front yard, you can do so with little planning and at a very low cost.

Call the neighbors, grab a few pop-up tables and make it a potluck party. Dress up your backyard with inexpensive bistro lights and maybe some unique garden decor. Add some screaming kids and a pan of brownies and you’re good to go!

2. Take Your Family Out to the Ballgame

Happy Gardens - MLB Game

Major League (and Minor League!) Baseball do a great job of scheduling most baseball games during the day on Memorial Day. Head out to the ballpark with your family for hot dogs and lemonade and some summer air. Win or lose, this is a timeless way to start your summer.

3. Head to Your Local Botanical Garden

Happy Gardens - Botanical Gardens

We’re biased, of course, but botanical gardens are probably among our favorite public places to visit. They’re usually affordable, rarely crowded and always breathtaking. Some botanical gardens may be closed on holiday weekends, so be sure to check before you go.

Need help picking out a place to visit? View our list of our favorite botanical gardens here.

4. Hit the Beach

Happy Gardens - Beach Day

The beach is free, fun and crazy good for you. That’s right. Studies have shown that the beach boosts your mood. Between soothing wave sounds, calming blue colors and the relaxing sensation of putting your feet in the sand, there’s plenty of R&R to be had at the beach this summer. Why not start over the long weekend?

5. Explore a Local Hiking Trail

Happy Gardens - Hiking Trail

A little stroll off the beaten path can boost your heart rate, get you away from the stressors of the city and help you recharge, even if you go with little kids in tow. It’s also free, unless you go somewhere that requires a paid permit. To find a trail near you, you can use this nifty website, or ask a friend who knows the local hiking spots well.

6. Camp in Your Own Backyard

Happy Gardens - Camp at Home

Cliche? Yes. But camping in your own backyard is actually a great way to unplug from technology and just enjoy nature, your family and some peace and quietwithout the long drive into the wilderness.

For extra points this Memorial Day weekend, grab ingredients for these classic s’mores, which call for square marshmallows for a better goo-to-graham ratio.

7. Take the Kids to a Splash Pad

Happy Gardens - Splash Pad

Splash pads are tiny little water parks, without the line or the drive or the parking lot. If you’re lucky, a park near you has a free splash pad for kids. Pair it with a fun lunch in the park, and you’ve got yourself a fun little first day of summerfor free!

8. Have a Picnic in Your Garden

Happy Gardens - Garden Picnic

Spruce up your garden for the summer, and then take advantage of your own gorgeous, outdoor space! Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful space you’ve worked for years to cultivate.

An at-home picnic can be PBJ on paper plates, or you can pull out all the stops with a classic picnic box. This slideshow of picnic-perfect food should help you plan your first outdoor menu.

Need a little more help getting your garden summer-ready? We are here to help! At Happy Gardens, we’re available via phone or live chat.

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