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Decorating for Spring: Essential Décor for Porches and Patios

Decorating for Spring: Essential Décor for Porches and Patios

Winter has its charms, but all too often, cold weather prevents us from enjoying porches, patios, and other outdoor seating areas. Prepare for warmer weather now: Pull your outdoor furniture out of storage and treat those special spaces to a few finishing touches so they’ll be ready for enjoyment.

Spring often brings rainy weather with it, so consider replacing one or two of your home’s most prominent downspouts with rain chains. Designed to transfer water from the gutter to the ground while adding beauty to your landscape, they look far more attractive than a basic downspout. Place a bed of colorful stones underneath the rain chain, or add a special receptacle for a wonderfully polished look.

While you’re decorating your home for spring, remember to treat your front door to a seasonal upgrade! A special hanging ornament serves as a lively touch, bringing a splash of color and a little bit of motion to your entryway. Our Shimmering Bells with Hummingbirds is perfect for spring – it even doubles as a “Welcome” sign!

Whether you opt to add potted plants to your porch or not, be sure to remember the eaves: They’re the perfect place to hang wind chimes or a quieter ornament. Some of our most popular hanging ornaments offer multiple elements in one space-conscious package. Our Flamed Aspen with Bells provides pleasing shapes that twirl gently, along with a cascade of beautiful pierced bells that chime peacefully as spring’s refreshing breezes blow. These ornaments work well for patios, too: Simply hang them from a shepherd’s hook or a nearby tree!

Wall décor might not be the first thing that comes to mind as you’re considering different ways to decorate for Spring, but it’s the perfect finishing touch for any outdoor seating area! Our Flamed Raised Dragonflies Wall Disc is a great example: It offers a sense of color and motion while complementing almost any porch or patio. Like many of our wonderful ornaments, this one can stay in place throughout summer and fall, too.

Spring decorating is easy with a few key pieces! It takes just a few moments to prepare a spot for your home’s newest treasure – leaving you with plenty of time to relax and take it all in. Happy Spring!

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