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Inspiring Art: Outdoor Décor for the Garden

Inspiring Art: Outdoor Décor for the Garden

Whether you have a single flowerbed along your front walkway, an expansive space filled with greenery, or a simple patio with a few potted plants, outdoor décor can take your garden to new heights.

Since ancient times, people have been adorning outdoor spaces. From the simple rock cairns that once marked pathways to the exquisite sculptures that have often taken pride of place in royal botanical gardens, outdoor décor is as varied as our landscapes themselves.

A recent walk through a suburban neighborhood served as a reminder of the way outdoor décor can serve as a means of creative expression: One home had a trio of wind spinners displayed along the back fence, another had a bird bath and several bird feeders near a flowering tree. Yet another had a very simple but colorful garden flag near a cheerfully painted mailbox. Whether you love color, motion, or wildlife, the way you decorate celebrates your individual preferences!

While garden art is often intended to add visual appeal to our outdoor living spaces, it’s often functional as well as beautiful. Birdbaths, for example, attract more species to your garden and treat them to a much-needed source of clean drinking water. In turn, the birds might help keep insect populations down, or they may simply bring you pleasure! Rain gauges are useful too, helping you keep track of precipitation. In drought-prone areas, rain gauges aid in water conservation by ensuring that you activate sprinklers only when necessary. At the same time, they can add color and texture to the landscape.

Statues and sculptures are no longer reserved for pristine botanical gardens; instead, they can be found in even the simplest spaces. Inspired by birds such as geese, owls, or herons, or by favorite flowers such as lilies, these sculptures require just a little space, but make an impressive visual impact.

Whether you choose one piece of outdoor décor or opt for lots of garden art, you’ll love the way your newfound treasures add personality to your landscape. Do you have a favorite? We’d love to know how you express yourself with outdoor décor.

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