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last minute christmas gift ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

This December, our team here at Happy Gardens has compiled a fantastic list of last minute gift ideas. These gifts for garden lovers will surprise and delight, without breaking the bank. Whether a birdhouse, a rain chain or a wind chime, we have hundreds of hand-crafted gifts that show love, consideration and serious joy!

Here are six of our favorite last minute gift ideas:

  1. A Mobile
  2. A Wind Chime
  3. A Rain Chain
  4. A Garden Statue
  5. A Spinner
  6. A Garden Ornament

1. A Mobile


A mobile makes a great last minute Christmas gift because it’s festive, gorgeous and unique. A mobile, by definition, is a type of hanging, kinetic sculpture that actually relies on the super-sciency principle of equilibrium to function. You’ll see them hanging above a crib in a nursery to entertain and stimulate infants… and you’ll also see them gorgeously fluttering on porches and in gardens.

Mobiles, unlike their wind chime counterparts, are silent. This differentiator makes them a fantastic gift for just about anyone!

Our favorite mobiles include this sun, moon and stars one and terra cotta green leaf one.

2. A Wind Chime

Happy Gardens - LEAF WIND CHIME

The sister gift to the mobile, a wind chime is also a suspended sculpture of sorts. But instead of being defined by its silence, the wind chime is known for the the pretty melodies it makes.

We believe that wind chimes make one of the best last minute gifts because they are such a welcome addition to homes of all sizes. From sprawling estate to tiny cottage, there’s no dwelling that wouldn’t benefit from the instant beauty and harmony instantly added by a unique, handcrafted wind chime.

Our favorite wind chimes include this stunning shimmering bells with butterflies one, this pine cone wind chime and this rustic leaf wind chime.  

3. A Rain Chain


The oft-misunderstood rain chain offers both function and beauty. Rain chains originated in Japan, where they are called kusari-doi. They are still used today to keep water runoff away from the roofs of both homes and religious temples.

We believe there’s no better response to a just-opened gift than “I’ve been meaning to get one of these”! Rain chains seem to elicit just this response. They make standout gifts because so many people--even garden lovers!--do not own any, even though they’ve been thinking about buying one.

Our best-selling rain chains include this multicolor lily cup rain chain and this cute heart rain chain. Both are easy to install and make excellent last-minute gifts.

4. A Garden Statue


Garden statues make great gifts because they can be incorporated into any outdoor area, from rustic walkway to urban garden.

Our beloved collection of animal-inspired garden statues features a best-selling dog and cat, plus more unexpected critters like a caterpillar and tortoise. All are made using river stones and transitional metals that look great in all styles of homes and gardens.

If animals are too cutesy for the gift recipient you have in mind, think about going au natural with our best-selling 8 stone cairn garden statue.

5. A Spinner


Another great last minute gift idea for mom: a garden spinner! These items get their names from their ability to spin in the slightest of breezes. Like mobiles, they are quiet sculptures that offer visual entertainment without the harmonies of a wind chime. These outdoor accessories can be petite or grand.

Spinners make great last minute Christmas ideas for her because they are both simple and special. Our best-sellers include this Japanese-inspired ginkgo leaf wind spinner and this painted red flower wind spinner.

6. A Garden Ornament


Finally, garden ornaments also make excellent last minute gift ideas. Garden ornaments are also suspended decorations, but they are much simpler than wind chimes and mobiles. They are quiet and available in a range of styles, from mod to rustic.

Our favorites have a copper-like finish to them, flattering all styles of homes and gardens. For a last minute gift, consider this hanging sunburst triple spinner ornament.

About Us:

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