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stone garden statues for your yard

Choosing The Best Lawn Ornaments, Garden Sculptures & Statues For Your Yard

Choosing the right garden decor and statues for your outdoor space isn't as it easy as it sounds. After all, when it comes to decor for the garden and yard, there are literally endless options out there. In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to select the right sculptures and statues to elevate your outdoor area.


A stone sculpture of a turtle sits atop a rock in a grassy, flowered field.

Where can I buy statues for my garden?

You can find garden statues, sculptures and other outdoor decorations for garden areas at yard sales, hobby and decor stores and many nurseries. If you are looking for a handcrafted and truly unique statue, you might have better luck online.

Our Happy Gardens shop offers a carefully curated selection of outdoor garden decor that's guaranteed to add charm and character to even the most ho-hum of outdoor spaces. Our elevated and mature 7-stone cairn garden statue is a best seller and perfect for more serious and contemplative outdoor areas. For a sillier (and downright adorable) vibe, check out our collection of stone animal statues. From dog to cat to rabbit to bear, there's an animal garden statue for everybody.

What do garden statues add to my outdoor space?

Garden statues and other outdoor ornamentation add texture, character and charm to lawns and gardens all over the world. In Japan, minimalist stone statues are a common and beautiful addition to Japanese rock gardens, also known as zen gardens. This pieces contribute to the natural, calm and serene environment that's so valued in these outdoor oases.

In parts of Western Europe, classical, realistic stone statuettes are often found in formal gardens. These garden sculptures are gorgeous, stunning and an homage to Renaissance history.

In Switzerland, Germany and other countries, the garden gnome is a traditional item found in everyday outdoor spaces. Once a symbol of the very well-to-do, the garden gnome has become a beloved (and a bit kitschy) symbol of fun in outdoor spaces throughout the United Stats.

In Mexico, you'll often find bright and bold garden decor forged from funky mix of materials like metal, steel and clay. These pieces contribute to the country's vibrant culture and encourage family time spent enjoying the warm weather.

In the United States, particularly in Appalachia, you'll find clever whirligigs adding action and energy to sprawling, rural yards.

How do I make a garden statue?

To make a garden statue at home, you'll want to pick materials that can withstand the elements, like metal, stone and plastic. Your first step will be to find plans for your outdoor garden decor online. There are a ton of DIY resources, especially on Pinterest, out there to help inspire and instruct you.

We also love, well, every single idea on DIY Cozy Home. Old soda cans are used to make flower garden stakes, vintage bikes are repurposed into Instagram-worthy flower planters, and hubcaps become gorgeous DIY decor for garden lovers.

Whatever kind of statue you choose to make, try to find the perfect outdoor space to feature it. Some pieces look best clustered together along a walkway, while other statuettes look best all on their own. It's all about the interplay between the statue and the outdoor space. Don't be afraid to move things around until they're just right.

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