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Lovely metal art!

We live on a canal in Florida, so wanted to use these sculptures on my mantle in the sun room overlooking the water where we see these majestic birds (live) every day. Very happy with the quality and substantial weight! Now to get a nature picture to replace the flowers!

Cute Bear family

Good substance to the piece. Adorable features.

sun, moon, stars by the pool...

Got tired watching, even after caring for them, plants dying by the pool and where once hung a plant I now have the very lovely copper colored sun, moon and stars....

An Excellent Gift Purchase

This order was a Christmas gift for a family member. She absolutely loved it and hung it up the next day in her backyard, even while it was snowing. The birdhouse was exactly as expected and the transaction/delivery went 100% smoothly. I would highly recommend others invest in this product if interested, and I thank Happy Gardens for a quick and easy order process!

Cute Family of Bears

Cute little family of bears! My reason for 4 stars is the big bear had several strings of glue trailing around the bear that had to be removed. But they pulled off easily and now Papa Bear is perfect. This bear family is just right!

Our 10 Favorite Dragonfly Garden Decor Pieces

Posted by Happy Gardens on

Sure, butterflies might be the world’s insect of choice, but here at Happy Gardens, we love dragonflies just as much. Did you know that dragonflies can fly straight up and down, have unbelievable vision and can even migrate across the Indian Ocean? Wow!

To celebrate these breathtaking, oversized, expert flyers, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of our favorite pieces of unique dragonfly decorations, all available in our Happy Gardens shop.

  1. Dragonfly Dangles Wind Chime
  2. Dragonfly Garden Stake Bold
  3. Dragonfly Rain Gauge - Cast Brass
  4. Dragonfly Whimsy Flutterer
  5. Cutout Dragonfly Hanging Ornament
  6. Dragonfly with Spinning Wings Garden Stake
  7. Hanging Dragonfly Branch Ornament
  8. Hanging Dragonfly
  9. Filigree Dragonfly Wall Decor Disc
  10. Dragonfly Sphere Wind Chime

1. Dragonfly Dangles Wind Chime

Happy Gardens - Dragonfly Dangles Wind Chime

This brand new, unique wind chime is both rustic and funky, featuring little red, yellow and pastel blue pendants that offset a neutral, flame-finished dragonfly. Great for a front porch or a favorite tree, this piece will bring a touch of charm and a ton of character to your outdoor space.

2. Dragonfly Garden Stake Bold

Happy Gardens - Dragonfly Garden Stake Bold

This bold, stand-out dragonfly garden stake will help you make a statement outdoors, especially when artfully placed to complement existing landscaping. Offering instant drama at a very reasonable price, this handcrafted, flamed metal piece is sure to surprise and delight visitors for years to come.

3. Dragonfly Rain Gauge - Cast Brass

Happy Gardens - Dragonfly Rain Gauge - Cast Brass

Looking for a rain gauge that’s as adorable as it is well-made? Look no further. This carefully handcrafted dragonfly rain gauge is made of cast brass and is tremendously sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it withstanding a summer storm. Plus, easy-to-read numbers make watering your favorite plants that much easier.

4. Dragonfly Whimsy Flutterer

Happy Gardens - Dragonfly Whimsy Flutterer

Perhaps our favorite piece of dragonfly decor in the entire collection, this flutterer features five graceful yet oversized butterflies, all designed to dance in the breeze. For best results, we love to see this piece staked into a blooming bed of flowers, precisely where you’d expect to see dragonflies fluttering in real life.

5. Cutout Dragonfly Hanging Ornament

Happy Gardens - Cutout Dragonfly Hanging Ornament

This extraordinarily unique dragonfly ornament is sure to make your neighbors green with envy! Featuring a soft, iridescent glow and a dramatic cut-out style that you’ll never tire of, this ornament really shines hanging from a large, lush tree. Like every Happy Gardens ornament, this brand new piece has been individually handcrafted.

6. Dragonfly with Spinning Wings Garden Stake

Happy Gardens - Dragonfly with Spinning Wings Garden Stake

Turn any space in your yard or garden into a breathtaking focal point with this dragonfly garden stake that features wings which spin in the wind. At over three and a half feet tall, this piece of garden decor could even be staked into a shrub or larger plant. Neutral yet iridescent, gardeners love this piece for its versatility and uniqueness.

7. Hanging Dragonfly Branch Ornament

Happy Gardens - Hanging Dragonfly Branch Ornament

Upgrade your favorite tree with this stunning ornament! From lovely leaf accents to a handcrafted, larger-than-life sized dragonfly, you’ll appreciate both the artistry and scale of this ornament. Handcrafted and built to last, this is the type of decorative piece that you’ll cherish for years to come.

8. Hanging Dragonfly

 Happy Gardens - Hanging Dragonfly

Want to jazz up your fence, wall or even a tree trunk? This hanging dragonfly feels both unexpected and organic when placed artfully in your outdoor space. With a natural finish and plenty of handcrafted details, rest assured you’ll enjoy this item for years to come. 

9. Filigree Dragonfly Wall Decor Disc

Happy Gardens - Filigree Dragonfly Wall Decor Disc

Add beauty, grace and charm to any wall or fence with this 12” flamed metal disc that features a very interesting, filigree-style dragonfly. What is filigree? It’s a special kind of delicate metalwork that’s most often seen in jewelry--but looks just as wonderful on home goods. We’re confident you’ll love every intricacy of this handcrafted piece.

10. Dragonfly Sphere Wind Chime

Happy Gardens - Dragonfly Sphere Wind Chime

Love dragonflies? Then celebrate them en masse! This new wind chime from our dragonfly collection features dozens of dragonflies congregating into a mesmerizing sphere that anchors a beautiful five-bell windchime. For best results, hang this piece from a place where it’ll get the attention it deserves--like a front porch or outside your kitchen window.

Not sure which dragonfly piece is a right fit for your home and garden? We’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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