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best bird houses for your yard

Best-Selling Bird Houses - 6 Of Our Best

Bird houses are a wonderful, inexpensive way to turn your outdoor space into a true oasis for your local feathered friends. Whether you live in a modern, minimalist home or a charming, vintage-inspired cottage, our collection of handcrafted birdhouse feature all sorts and styles of high-quality retreats. And while we love every last item in this collection, these six birdhouses are our all-time bestsellers and make excellent gifts.

  1. Stone Cottage Bird House
  2. New England Summer Bird House
  3. Tool Shed Bird House
  4. The Love Birds Bird House
  5. Light House Bird House
  6. Yellow Veranda Bird House

1. Stone Cottage Bird House

Looking for a second home? How about a quaint country cottage adorned with river stones, unique windows and a hand-shingled roof! If that’s out of your price range, maybe consider downsizing… to this beloved cottage-style bird house

This carefully detailed product has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of birds. It also checks all the boxes for a safe, comfy bird house: easy to clean, with drainage, ventilation and an unpainted wood interior. 

2. New England Summer Bird House

Why settle for an airbnb in Nantucket when you can bring the essence of New England to your outdoor space all year round? This New England Birdhouse features two hand-detailed flower boxes, gorgeous white shutters, and an iconic pastel-sea-blue exterior. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy this bird house instantly! Installation is a breeze, and there’s no assembly required. 

Like every birdhouse in our collection, this piece has been expertly crafted to ensure the safety and comfort of birds.

3. Tool Shed Bird House

Running out of gifts for the gardener in your life? This tool shed birdhouse is thoughtful, adorable and easy on the eyes. Painted a perfect shade of white, the bird house is fashioned with five bold, colorful flower planters and a couple adorable mini tools. 

Ideal for all types of birds, don’t be surprised if your garden-loving friend or family member declares this present the best gift ever.

4. The Love Birds Bird House

If your lover loves birds, do we have the product for you. This charming, romantic bird house has a stunning, two-story facade, replete with ornate, heart-shaped cutouts. Painted a heritage-inspired blue, this birdhouse boasts hand-detailed intricacies like a unique entryway and stunning craftsman windows. 

This makes an excellent gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. It’s also a lovely engagement gift, and, if you dare buy off-registry, a sweet Wedding Gift, too! 

5. New Orleans Bird House

Dreaming of a long weekend in the Big Easy? Let this New Orleans-inspired birdhouse bring a touch of Louisiana to you instead! While there’s no bourbon or beignets included in this box, this ready-to-install bird house will bring you all the cheer of NOLA, sans hangover. 

With its emblematic porch and French-inspired trim, this bird house will bring culture, character and charm to your favorite tree (and your favorited birds!) right away.

6. Yellow Veranda Bird House

Bring southern charm and cheer to any space with this classic yellow veranda birdhouse. With a wraparound porch, an adorable perch, flower boxes and a soft-but-bright yellow exterior, this birdhouse will give your local feathered friends something to chirp about. Plus, the birdhouse is easy to clean, safe and comfortable for the birds who’ll come to love it. 

Still not sure if these birdhouses are right for you? We’ve got plenty of other wonderful options, so feel free to browse our quality bird houses in our store.

Need a bit of guidance? Our team is here to help you pick out the perfect piece of garden decor via phone or live chat

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Jonathan Sweet - July 17, 2020

Sorry, but I don’t like any of them, as they’re too WASPY, Leave it to Beaver Bird Houses! Most people like Rustic, & Gothic, & Unusual!! Jus my Opinion though! Good Luck!!

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