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Enjoy these easy flower bed ideas! Attract butterflies and birds, or enjoy a low-maintenance look year-round.

Quick and Easy Garden Ideas: Design the Perfect Flower Bed

Looking for easy flower bed ideas? While we can’t do the digging, install pretty stone borders, or decide which perennials to include in your landscape, we can help you design the perfect flower bed, complete with attractive accents that keep your lawn or garden looking its best even when flowers aren’t in bloom.

Whether your garden has lots of room for lush lavender and large rose bushes, or if most of your plants live in containers, you’ll find that a simple water feature such as a fountain or bird bath makes a wonderful focal point. Plan to place larger plants behind the water feature, and consider adding medium-sized ones to each side. Our 2-tier flamed bird bath has room for a pot underneath, so you can add even more interest.

A butterfly garden attracts beneficial pollinators, who help your plants thrive in return for some sweet nectar. As you make your plans, consider which plants are best for butterflies that live in your area.

Some versatile options include alyssum, bee balm, calendula, and of course butterfly bush! Place the tallest plants in the back, and the smallest in front. Be sure that you give each plant plenty of room to thrive, particularly if you’re adding perennials such as Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) or Coneflower (Echinacea). With the right perennials and just a little bit of maintenance, your butterfly garden will return year after year!

What if watering isn’t your favorite thing to do? Don’t worry – you can still enjoy a beautiful landscape, complete with flowers. Consider a rock garden with a few drought-tolerant plants, focusing on perennials that thrive in your area. Russian sage, Rosemary, and some Lavender varieties work well in most USDA zones. As easy garden ideas go, this one is among the best: just a few of these plants will add color and fragrance without requiring much maintenance.

Simple sculptures such as our rock cairns go a long way toward heightening visual interest. Consider grouping decorative elements in clusters of three or more, and keep in mind that odd-numbered groupings tend to look most pleasing to the eye.

Flower bed designs don’t have to be complicated! Try one for yourself and don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for opportunities to expand your landscape.

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