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Small space gardening can be fun and rewarding! Try these ideas on for size.

Small Space? 5 Gardening Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you’ve got a porch, patio, or balcony, you’ll find that at least one of these small space gardening ideas works for you!

Whether you’ve got lots of space or just a few square feet to work with, you’ll find that an easy container garden does the trick. Perfect for your porch or patio, or for creating a simple, low-maintenance focal point in a larger yard, containers are very easy to water – and they offer the advantage of being weed-free. Add garden-themed wall décor to create the illusion of additional plants.

Just one fun element can make even a postage-stamp sized garden pop! Perfect for a small border area along a front walkway, our Terra Cotta Toad House invites beneficial animals to linger while adding a whimsical touch to your landscape. Tiny low-maintenance plants such as alyssum bring a touch of texture to this miniature landscape while adding a pleasant fragrance.

A single, beautiful focal point such as a combination fountain / bird bath requires very little in terms of space – in fact, our Hummingbird Solid Copper Dripper Fountain is small enough to adorn an urban balcony. Place a few colorful potted plants around the fountain’s base, and suddenly, you’ll find yourself enjoying a beautiful, miniature oasis. Birds and butterflies will appreciate this downsized feature, too!

Consider hanging baskets on your balcony or patio wall, and fill them with low-maintenance plants such as lantana or geraniums. Place the plants at eye level or perhaps a bit lower, and then add potted plants to the ground to create the illusion of a lush, luxurious border. Fill the remaining space with an ornament or two – a small set of wind chimes such as our Flamed Birds and Bells mobile might be perfect, as it offers a very light, pleasing sound that won’t disturb nearby neighbors.

If you’re often away or suffer from the dreaded “black thumb,” don’t worry – we’ve got a small space gardening idea with your name on it! Create a simple rock garden, perhaps with an air plant or two! You can do this on the ground if you like, or you can create a display in a large pot. Add a stone cairn at the rear to give your rock garden a nicely balanced look.

We’d love to hear from you! Which of these small space gardening ideas would you like to try?

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