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Windy Weather? Make the Most of It!

Chilly breezes might make you long for warmer days, but don’t let windy weather get you down: Instead, make the most of it with wind spinners, wind chimes, and other garden décor! With even a single, artfully inspired piece, you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to those breezes.

Wind spinners have never been so popular as they are now. Choose a sturdy model, particularly if your landscape tends to be breezy; high-quality spinners tend to last far longer than cute but cheaply manufactured plastic ones. Learn how to make wind chimes louder.

Be sure to take good care of your wind spinner, and it’ll last for years to come. A few tips:

  • Keep an eye on the forecast. High winds can damage even the best-quality spinners, and in worst-case scenarios, hurricane force winds can turn your beautiful spinner into a dangerous projectile. When you move your wind spinner to storage for safekeeping during heavy weather, consider marking the spot with a smaller stake so you can place it in its original position once the worst is over.
  • Wind spinners have ball bearings or similar moving parts that benefit from the regular application of lubricant such as WD-40. A little spritz will do!
  • Check to see if parts need to be tightened, especially when the weather has been breezy or windy.
  • Consider storing your wind spinner or whirligig in a dry space such as a garden shed during the winter months.

How about wind chimes? Just like wind spinners, these lovely ornaments provide a feast for the eyes. The peaceful sound of bells makes breezy weather something to look forward to.

Just like wind spinners, chimes call for just a little bit of TLC. Hang them where they can blow freely, and they will not damage windows, siding, or other finishes. If you’re like many people who love wind chimes and you opt to display several sets near one another, space them far enough apart so that they do not become tangled. And, when the forecast calls for high winds, take your chimes down and put them in a safe place.

Happy decorating!

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