Happy Tribe

The garden is a happy place and we all have our own stories as to what makes it so special to us. Take a look at some transformative stories from our #happytribe. Have your own story? Email us at

  • Sandy Z. Northbrook, IL.

    "Gardening is my passion. I feel calm and at peace when I look back at all the hard work I have done. It is like no other therapy on earth. It is most rewarding knowing I tried my best and tenderly cared for each plant. I can express my art in the garden. I am able to engage my grandchildren. It is an adventure that includes digging in the dirt. Who doesn’t love that?" #happytribe member Sandy Z

  • Toni, Succulents For Hire

    "Gardening has literally changed the course of my life and career. What started out has a succulent hobby had turned into a busy wedding floral business, focused on sustainability and eco-friendly options. I spend time outside in my front and back yard nearly every day tending to my plants or preparing for an event. Getting my hands dirty and soaking up the sun every day have made me a happier person and a better spouse and friend. I love my garden because it has helped me launch a new chapter in my life that would have never entered my wildest dreams of possibilities. I get to play with plants every day, what’s better than that?" #happytribe member @succulentsforhire

  • Melon Monologues

    "Gardening was a huge part of my childhood. My dad grew the veggies and my mom flowers. I want that for my boys, and hope they will pass this tradition to their children. Watching plants grow is a bit of an obsession for me. A close second is obviously taste! There is nothing like a fresh blackberry to tickle your taste buds, or a juicy cantaloupe to win over a garden critic. I love sharing my produce with friends and neighbors and seeing their desire to grow their own. ❤"- #happytribe member @melonmonologues

  • Jenny S. The Happy Herban

    “There’s no question gardening has enriched my life in so many ways! Growing up on a hobby farm, I didn’t fully appreciate the simple joys of growing food, raising animals, and coaxing magic from the ground to feed body and soul. As an adult living in an urban area, I feel incredibly blessed to have experienced the connection that gardening provides- not just to the earth, but to each other. I am still learning what works and what doesn’t, and how plants can heal when sometimes modern medicine cannot. But most of all, gardening fills my desire for joy, wonder, and fun in my life. Because everything that can go wrong in a garden will, but sometimes the unexpected surprises are the best parts! When life gets stressful, the garden is a good reminder that simple pleasures are the best ones in life, and you gotta just cut loose and have FUN with it!” -#happytribe member @the_happy_herban

  • Sharon L. Spring City, PA.

    “When I garden, one word comes to mind “calm”. After spending my work days in a fast-paced stressful office environment, I take every chance I get to head outside, get my hands dirty and de-stress. I find gardening therapeutic both for my mind and body. I love the peace and quiet and just being mindful in the moment. I love all of my colorful flowers and plants and also picking fresh vegetables from my garden. My neighbors call me the plant whisperer. I just give a little water, prune when needed, provide some good soil and a little sunshine and my plant family rewards me back in a spectacular way which is good for my soul.” - #happytribe member and plant whisperer @sharonlynne6 💚

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