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diy garden projects in summer

4 DIY Projects Perfect for Summer

Summer is our favorite season because it offers long days and ample opportunities to get outside with friends and family. And at Happy Gardens, we’re all about handcrafted happiness. We cherish every opportunity to create gorgeous and unique garden decor while enjoying the great outdoors.

We loved putting together this list of our top four favorite do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, all of which are perfect for a sunny summer afternoon.

Here they are!

  1. DIY Painted Beach Balls
  2. Melted Bead Suncatchers
  3. DIY Twine Lantern Balls
  4. DIY Seashell Terra Cotta Pots

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1. DIY Painted Beach Balls

Happy Gardens - DIY Painted Beach Balls

Image source: Studio DIY

Tired of boring, standard-issue beach balls in your pool area? We get it! This inexpensive summer craft will allow you and your family to customize beach balls. Love pink? Paint ‘em pink! Love flowers? Create a sweet floral motif right on your beach balls.

This easy DIY project requires clear beach balls—which are easy to find online—and craft paint. Of course, you’ll need paint brushes and, if you’d like help creating cool shapes and clean lines, stencils and painter’s tape.

Some of our favorite, summer-inspired motifs are tropical fruits, neon stripes and popsicles!

Read more about this kid-friendly craft at Studio DIY!

2. Melted Bead Suncatchers

Happy Gardens - DIY Melted Bead Suncatchers

Image Source: The Artful Parent

What is a suncatcher? A sweet combination of an ornament and stained glass! A suncatcher captures and reflects light in the loveliest way. Think of it as a windchime, but for sight and the sun instead of for noise and the breeze.

While you can easily buy a suncatcher, making one is inexpensive and fun. Just use translucent pony beads, and old baking pan and a grill—yes, a grill!—to create your own. Lay out the design of your dreams in a worn-out muffin tin, then melt them by resting them on a heated barbecue. Once it cools, you can use a drill to create a little hole. A pretty ribbon or a piece of twine finishes off the ornament.

How do you make a suncatcher? Get all the instructions on The Artful Parent!

Not feeling crafty? Shop our collection of garden ornaments instead.

3. DIY Twine Lantern Balls

Happy Gardens - DIY Twine Lantern Balls

Image Source: Splash of Something

If you’re looking for a romantic, rustic way to light up your backyard, porch or patio, look no further than this DIY project. While not quite as simple as painting a beach ball or making a suncatcher, this craft will allow you to make your own highly-Instagrammable outdoor lighting.

You’ll need a whole lot of supplies, including balloons, petroleum jelly and even corn starch. To get the full shopping list and the step-by-step directions, visit Splash of Something!

Want some rustic garden decor to pair with your brand new, DIY lanterns? May we recommend this celestial sun, moon and stars mobile or this butterfly whimsy flutterer.

4. DIY Seashell Terra Cotta Pots

Happy Gardens - DIY Seashell Planters

Image Source: Sand and Sisal

If your home boasts a beachy vibe, then this is the right DIY project for you. Inexpensive, easy and beautiful, these DIY flower pots are lined with eye-catching shells for a sweet, coastal look. All you need are some terra cotta pots, seashells and a trusty glue gun.

Read all the details here on Sand and Sisal.

Looking to make this craft a little more fun for kids? Feel free to let your kids paint the shells, or add cool gems to jazz up the flower pots.

To amplify the seaside aesthetic of your home and garden, try pairing your new planters with our crane with bells garden stake.

Need more DIY inspiration? Check out another list of our favorite DIY creations, like tin can lanterns and hand-painted planters.

Not in the mood to craft, but still looking to add something unique and fabulous to your garden? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help you shop via phone or live chat.

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