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5 DIY Mother's Day Gifts for Your Garden-Loving Mom

5 DIY Mother's Day Gifts for Your Garden-Loving Mom

Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 12th, 2019, is fast approaching. Perhaps you’re a last-minute gift-giver who usually picks up a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates for your mother or mother-in-law on the way to Mother’s Day brunch. Well, that’s totally fine by us… but this year, why not get a little creative and hands-on?

We’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite do-it-yourself crafts that make perfect, unique Mother's Day gifts, especially for the women in your life who love nothing more than their homes and gardens.

  1. DIY Pounded Flower Tote
  2. DIY Little Free Library
  3. DIY Soap with Fresh Herbs
  4. DIY Spring Wreath
  5. DIY Mobiles and Windchimes

1. DIY Pounded Flower Tote

Happy Gardens - DIY Pounded Flower Tote

(Image Source: DIY Candy)

Your mom may love flowers, but let’s admit it: they don’t make the longest-lasting gift. That’s where this DIY pounded flower tote comes it. You’ll get to transfer all the floral shapes and colors you love onto a cotton tote bag your mom can proudly use for errands, shopping and traveling.

You’ll need a cotton tote, aluminum powder, gloves, parchment paper, masking tape, your mom’s favorite fresh flowers, cardboard and a hammer to pull this craft off. The step-by-step process is detailed perfectly here.

2. DIY Little Free Library

Happy Gardens - DIY Free Little Library

(Image Source: Little Free Library)

You’ve seen ‘em in real life, and you’ve seen them on Instagram. Now, you can help mom build a Little Free Library of her own. The increasingly popular Little Free Library project encourages communities to share books. All you (and ma) have to do to join is build the book-house, place it in the yard and register your library online.

There are lots of different ways to build your community library, and we love this collection of DIY plans for ideas. Another cute design tip: match the miniature structure to mom’s house!

3. DIY Soap with Fresh Herbs

Happy Gardens - DIY Soap with Fresh Herbs

If mom (or step-mom, or mother-in-law, or grandma…) spends her days in the garden, a DIY soap that utilizes her favorite homegrown herbs will make an excellent Mother’s Day gift!

But amateurs, beware. This isn’t the easiest of DIY crafts. There are goggles and gloves and scales involved. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from soap-making, though. Just read up on the process and watch a few videos first!

Don’t forget to secretly trim a few herbs from mom’s garden next time you’re over so you can incorporate them into her customized soaps!

For bonus points, go all out with packaging! We love a tidy cellophane wrap secured with natural twine.

4. DIY Spring Wreath

Happy Gardens - DIY Spring Wreath

A DIY spring wreath is a great way to incorporate some of mom’s favorite things into a lovely gift… without having to make soap!

While some wreaths do call for fresh flowers, others allow you to use dried flowers or even seed packets! We also love this repurposed watering can wreath and this unexpected cupcake liner wreath.

5. DIY Mobiles and Windchimes

Happy Gardens - Heart With Dangles Ornament and Wind Chime

Finally, our favorite: homemade, unique DIY mobiles and windchimes. While we have a zillion favorite ways to make these beautiful garden accessories, some are better suited for Mother’s Day than others. Our top recommendations for moms would include seashell windchimes and bead windchimes.

Of course, if you aren’t feeling up for a craft, Happy Gardens offers a curated selection of charming, handcrafted mobiles and windchimes.

Need a little more help picking out that perfect Mother’s Day gift? It’s stressful, we get it! At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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