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handmade wind chimes for your garden

DIY Wind Chimes & Mobiles

Here at Happy Gardens, we’re suckers for fun and unique windchimes and mobiles. We’re proud of the gorgeous, handcrafted collection we feature on our website, and have worked hard to offer something for every type of garden lover.

But sometimes, we’re just in the mood for a good do-it-yourself (DIY) project!

In this article, we’ll reveal some of our favorite DIY wind chime ideas. Some are hard, and some are so, so simple. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find the right activity for your family on this list!

  1. Seashell Wind Chimes
  2. Pencil Wind Chimes
  3. Bottle Cap Wind Chimes
  4. Old Can Wind Chimes
  5. Bead Wind Chimes
  6. Old Utensil Wind Chimes

1. Seashell Wind Chimes

 Happy Gardens - Seashell Wind Chime

Image Source: Heath and Vine

If you’re hoping to bring a beachy, seaside feeling into your home and garden, this DIY project is a great way to do so. Collect stunning shells on your next trip to the beach, or simply order a variety of them from your favorite craft store.

You’ll want to (very carefully) drill holes in your shells, then string them together on rope or cord. We love this tutorial for more details!

2. Pencil Wind Chimes

Happy Gardens - Pencil Wind Chime

Image Source: Design Sponge

Bring a charming, youthful and studious aesthetic to outdoor space–or your kid’s bedroom!–with one of our favorite pencil craft ideas. Create stunning shapes by sharpening pencils to various lengths, and use a wire hook to connect erasers to a ruler to complete the look.

Want to get even funkier? Use colored pencils to create the color scheme you crave.

Need more information? This step-by-step guide is helpful.

3. Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Happy Gardens - Bottle Caps

Whether your drink of choice is a classic coke, a trendy craft beer or some very expensive wine, you can showcase your taste in beverages with a cool DIY bottle cap mobile. Like most of the mobiles on this list, you won’t need much more than some string and a drill.

Want to learn more? See how this DIY blogger built her own!

4. Old Can Wind Chimes

Happy Gardens - Soda Can Wind Chime

Image Source: All Free Holiday Crafts

Forgot to take the recycling out? Turn your missed chore into a craft night opportunity by learning how to make soda can wind chimes! A trendy exercise in up-cycling, this project literally turns trash into one-of-a-kind treasure.

This DIY wind chime is one of the harder ones on our list. That’s because we highly recommend cutting the cans to create cool aluminum shapes, like flowers or butterflies. Try slicing the cans open, flattening them out, and using a stencil to get your perfect look. We don’t recommend this for kids, so allow them to take on more of a “creative director” role while parents do the cutting and crafting.

More information on a gorgeous butterfly-inspired aluminum can mobile can be found here.

Craving a butterfly wind chime without all the blood, sweat and tears? You’re in luck!

5. Bead Wind Chimes

Happy Gardens - Bead Wind Chimes

If you like making necklaces, your jewelry making skills will transfer to this DIY project perfectly. Whether you have a collection of fancy, expensive beads or want to make a plastic beaded wind chime, this fun and kid-friendly craft will keep the whole family entertained.

All you need is jewelry wire, beads and something to hang your string from, like an old pasta strainer or a clothes hanger.

Find more inspiration here.

6. Old Utensil Wind Chimes

Happy Gardens - Old Utensil Wind Chime

Image Source: Recycle Nation

Next time you’re at a garage sale, spend a few bucks on an old set of utensils. Silverware wind chimes are unique and whimsical, but they aren’t the simplest project on this list. You’ll need a drill and a bit of strategy to master this craft.

This blogger does a great job of sharing her technique, which actually incorporates real plants and moss!

If you’re not feeling up for craft night, or if your finished product looks more like a #PinterestFail than an Instagram-worthy success, we can help you find the mobile or wind chime of your dreams. Need a little more help picking out your garden decor? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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