5 New Years Resolutions for Garden Lovers

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Busy, blustery and bright December is one of our favorite months of the year—but it’ll be over before you know it. During this holiday season, we love to set aside a little time to set out intentions for the year to come. 

In 2020, our goals are simple: keep sourcing unique garden decor and merchandise for our customers, be kind, and spend even more time outdoors. 

If you’re searching for a few new years resolutions of your own for 2020, perhaps a couple of these suggestions will make your list. 

  1. Plant Something New
  2. Start—and Finish—an Outdoor Project
  3. Take on a DIY Craft
  4. Upgrade That Forgotten Outdoor Space
  5. Gift Thoughtfully 

1. Plant Something New

Happy Gardens - Herb Garden

This is one of our favorite resolutions for 2020 because it’s adaptable for, well, everybody. Whether you’re a total garden boss, an up-and-coming plant mama, a novice gardener or a never-planted-anything-ever kinda person, you can make this resolution a reality for you as soon as New Year’s Day. 

Whether you research what plants are right for your garden online, head over to your local nursery to chat with an expert face-to-face, or just walk to your favorite grocery store and pick out a little rosemary plant, you’re already well on your way to crossing this resolution off your list. 

2. Start—and Finish—an Outdoor Project


Happy Gardens - Butterfly Garden

Perhaps you always meant to turn that old garden shed into an indoor-outdoor play space for your grandchildren. Or you started building a pergola but life got in the way. Find that unfinished task that’s been holding your home and garden back, and get to work. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’re big fans of creating little butterfly gardens or bird sanctuaries. Extra points for adding a unique water feature!

3. Take on a DIY Craft

Happy Gardens - DIY Project

Satisfy your creative side with a DIY craft that’ll add character and charm to your home and garden. We’ve compiled our favorite outdoor DIY projects for years, and we’re still finding new ideas every day. 

This website has twenty outstanding DIY craft ideas, from wreaths made of garden hoses to ladybug-inspired garden stakes made from golf balls! Pick a project that excites you and the rest of your family.

4. Upgrade That Forgotten Outdoor Space

Happy Gardens - Painting Fence

We all have that part of our yard or garden we’ve been hoping to transform, or at least upgrade… but we just never found the time to get it done. Make 2020 the year you make that forgotten outdoor space a true retreat. 

Our trick has been to not bite off more than we can chew. If you have limited time or budget, a deep cleaning and a touch of garden decor can go a long way. String lights, a new potted plant a cute wind chime can turn dead space into a charming retreat in a matter of minutes. 

5. Gift Thoughtfully 

Happy Gardens - Bullet Journal

Gifting may seem like an afterthought once December comes and goes, but for us, there’s little else that satisfies like sending the perfect present to a friend or family member. In 2020, make it a point to gift thoughtfully by shopping with heart and soul. Unique gifts that speak to your loved ones’ hobbies, interests and habits are always appreciated. 

A sweet coffee mug, a new bullet journal, a pair of gardening gloves: these items bring joy and cheer all year round… why wait until the holidays to kick the giving spirit into gear?  

Need help picking out a thoughtful gift? We’re here to help via phone or live chat

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