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How to Create a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden might feel out of reach to you… like something only a top-notch botanical gardens could build. But the truth is that creating a butterfly garden can be simple, relatively inexpensive and tons of fun. (Oh, and beautiful, too!)

Of course, a butterfly garden should do more than just attract the gorgeous insects. A butterfly garden should also function as a sanctuary: a safe place where butterflies can thrive and multiply. To achieve this, you’ll have to optimize your outdoor space by choosing the right plants… and more!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose Plants Butterflies Love
  2. Evaluate Your Butterfly Garden’s Location and Resources
  3. Decorate With Beautiful Butterfly Decor

1. Choose Plants Butterflies Love

Happy Gardens - Butterfly Friendly Plants

Yes, butterflies love flowers. But that doesn’t mean that any flowers will do the trick. There are certain varieties that will better attract these fluttering insects. After all, you don’t want butterflies to just pass through. You want them to stay in the garden you’ve built just for them--and love it!

That means you’ll need to choose plants that do two things: nourish butterflies, and make them feel comfortable laying eggs.

To feed butterflies, select plants that are rich in nectar. Some of the most common nectar rich plants for butterflies include dandelion and thistle. 

To encourage a new generation of butterflies, cater to caterpillars--which, as you know, are butterflies-in-training. Caterpillars are picky eaters and crave particular “host plants” for nourishment. While it’s different for every butterfly species, plants like carrots, violets and anise are all on the list.

For both butterfly blooms and caterpillar plants, we recommend researching which species of butterflies are local to you, then determining which plants they prefer. 

2. Evaluate Your Butterfly Garden’s Location and Resources

Happy Gardens - Butterfly Puddle

As with any garden, where you plant your flowers, fruits and vegetables is just as important as which varieties you choose to grow. 

You’ll want to ensure that your butterfly garden offers shelter, naturally. The occasional shrub or tree in a butterfly garden offers much-needed shade and protection to butterflies, especially at night time or when they need to hide from predators. Extra points if the shrubs and trees you select are also caterpillar-friendly! 

Sun, too, is an essential component to a successful butterfly garden. Butterflies are cold-blooded, so they seek sun to warm up their pretty little bodies. 

You’ll also want to include a tiny bit of water for your butterflies. They don’t need a bird bath, or anything like that… but a natural little puddle or some moist dirt can help provide the fluids they need if they aren’t getting enough from nectar or dew. 

3. Decorate With Beautiful Butterfly Decor

Happy Gardens -  Butterfly Whimsy Flutterer

You’ve chosen a great location for your butterfly garden and planted the right flowers, shrubs and trees to help them thrive. Now, you can put some unique finishing touches on your butterfly garden!

Of course, decorating with butterfly decor is a great way to start. A butterfly rain gauge can help you determine whether your special plants are getting the water they need. A butterfly mobile can add movement and intention to your butterfly garden. A butterfly garden stake can introduce depth and style to your landscaping. 

Or try making caterpillars feel right at home an adorable stone statue of a young butterfly-to-be.

You can also introduce new colors, textures and sounds to your butterfly garden with a brightly-colored wind chime

Not sure how to style your butterfly garden? We can help you pick out the perfect decorations for your outdoor space. At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat

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