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5 Rose-Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts

Posted by Happy Gardens on

Valentine’s Day is February 14th, and we’ve been gearing up for the romantic holiday since New Year’s Day. While we’re big believers in gorgeous, over-the-top bouquets, we know that many of our customers adore little gifts that last a long time, too. We’ve compiled a list of five rose-inspired Valentine's Day gifts right here on the blog, so you can show your garden-loving loved ones how much they really mean to you.

  1. Red Rose Plant Prick
  2. Red Rose Garden Stake
  3. Flamed Rose Plant Prick
  4. Roses Multicolor Garden Stake
  5. Flamed Roses Garden Stake

1. Red Rose Plant Prick

What does a red rose symbolize? Above all else, romantic love. The best-selling flower express desire, admiration, devotion and longing. The classic flower is featured in almost every Valentine’s Bouquet, and it’s at the very top of our Valentine’s Day gift guide for good reason.

If you’re looking for a little something to gift your lover this February, look no further. This red rose plant prick will add a touch of romance to any existing potted plant, making it the perfect present for a gardener of any skill level, especially in the midst of winter. 

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day present for a friend or family member, red may be too romantic a color choice. Happy Gardens also offers this plant prick in white, yellow, blue and flamed metal

2. Red Rose Garden Stake

Our red rose garden stake, like our plant prick, also symbolizes deep romantic love. While similar to the plant prick, this garden stake is longer and features a flamed metal bell that offers one-of-a-kind melodies all year long. 

This rose-inspired garden stake makes a wonderful gift for your spouse or partner, especially if he or she loves to garden or spend time outdoors. 

Once again, this product comes in a host of other funky, bright colors that are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts for friends and family. Happy Gardens sells this garden stake in white, yellow, blue and flamed metal.

3. Flamed Rose Plant Prick  

As previously mentioned, our best-selling plant prick comes in a variety of colors. We wanted to feature this flamed metal one in particular because not every gardener loves red roses, even if they are a universal symbol of romantic love. 

Pair this plant prick with a nice box of chocolates and you’ve got yourself a sweet but not over-the-top Valentine’s Day gift.

4. Roses Multicolor Garden Stake

This multicolor garden stake is perfect for every person on your Valentine’s Day list, from lover to mother-in-law. Featuring five roses in red, white, blue and yellow, this sweet garden stake also features three functional bells for a windchime-like effect. 

This piece, which stands at nearly three feet tall, looks great in a grassy yard or flower bed. 

5. Flamed Roses Garden Stake

In love with a neutrals-loving lady? This flamed roses garden stake is the perfect gift for a partner who’s always choosing simple, natural things. This monochrome version of our multicolor roses garden stake also features five handcrafted roses and three gorgeous bells, but every aspect of the decoration is a classic, metallic color. 

Still can’t find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? We’re here to help via chat or phone. 

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