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mother gifts for garden lovers

7 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Garden Lovers

Mother’s Day is a holiday when we honor mothers and motherhood in general, saying thank you for everything women do for our families. To celebrate, families will shower their mothers, mothers-in-law and grandmothers with flowers, gifts, fancy brunches and bottomless mimosas.

So, when is Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, 2019. Celebrated in over forty countries, Mother’s Day is not a unique concept… but that doesn’t mean you can’t select unique gifts for the garden-loving mom in your life!

Here at Happy Gardens, we’ve done a fair amount of research on good Mother’s Day gifts, and we’re happy to share our findings with you.

These are our favorite seven Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Floral Arrangement Classes
  2. New Patio Lights
  3. Metal Garden Decor
  4. Floral Garden Decor
  5. Herb Garden Starter Kit
  6. Shopping Spree at Your Local Nursery
  7. Happy Gardens Gift Card

1. Floral Arrangement Classes

Happy Gardens - Flower Arrangement Classes

Every year, countless bouquets of flowers are purchased for Mother’s Day. And with good reason. After all, bouquets are gorgeous, fragrant, sweet and offered at every price point.

But, to make the gift of flowers truly unique, think outside the bouquet. How about a lesson on crafting beautiful floral arrangements for mom instead? Floral arrangement classes are an incredibly thoughtful gift that will literally last a lifetimenot just 5 to 7 days.

You can search the internet for “Floral Arrangement Classes Near Me” or reach out to your favorite florist. Often, these professionals are happy to offer private or semi-private lessons to clients and community members.

2. New Patio Lights

Happy Gardens - Patio Lights

Patio lightswhether bistro, cafe or lanternadd charm and character to any outdoor space. If your mom, mom-in-law, stepmom or grandma has a patio or pergola that could use some bright bulbs, new patio lights can make a great and relatively inexpensive gift.

Patio lights are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and there are even reliable solar-powered options on the market nowadays.

3. Metal Garden Decor

Happy Gardens - Cat River Stone Metal Garden Decor

Unique metal garden decor makes a great Mother’s Day gift for garden-loving moms. Why? It’s affordable, it’s stunning and it’s a little bit unexpected. Choose from adorable metal garden creatures like a cat, dog or even a caterpillar. Or consider some whimsical metal butterfly garden decor.

At Happy Gardens, we love metal garden decor because it looks good in every type of outdoor space, whether old-fashioned or ultra-modern.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you select pieces that are individually handcrafted.

4. Floral Garden Decor

Happy Gardens - Triple Calla Lily Garden Stake

Another alternative to the classic bouquet, floral garden decor offers gift-givers the opportunity to shower mom in flowers that last for years and years.

Made from all sorts of materials in various shapes and sizes, Happy Gardens is proud to offer stunning, unique floral decor at a variety of price points. From garden stakes to unique wind chimes of quality, there’s a gift for every important mom on your list.

5. Herb Garden Starter Kit

Happy Gardens - Herb Garden Starter Kit

If your mom has been fantasizing about starting her own herb garden, but has yet to get started, Mother’s Day could be a great opportunity to set her up for herb-growing success.

There are plenty of herb gardening kits on the internet, but you can save money by heading to your local nursery to pick out a few classic potted herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme. Remember to ask whoever helps you at the nursery about each plant’s sunlight and watering needs.

6. Shopping Spree at Your Local Nursery

Happy Gardens - Nursery Shopping Spree

If mom’s already got an herb garden, but loves adding more plants and flowers to her outdoor space, consider taking her to her favorite nursery after brunch this Mother’s Day. Letting her pick out her own gifts means there’s no chance you’ll get it wrong.

Plus, it’s a sweet outing where you’ll get to spend time together… and that’s priceless!

7. Happy Gardens Gift Card

Happy Gardens - Happy Gardens Gift Card

Whether you need a last minute Mother’s Day gift, or you’re still just plain stumped on what to buy, a Happy Gardens gift card is here to save the day.

Thoughtful and instantly available, these gift cards will let mom (or anyone else!) pick out a special something for her garden from a collection of thoughtfully-sourced, handcrafted products.

Still need help picking out a gift? We’re here to help via phone or live chat!

About Us:

Happy Gardens is the premiere online destination for beautiful garden decor and gifts, including gifts for Mother’s Day. We hand-select high-quality products that are sure to be cherished by you, your family and your guests for years to come. To join our mailing list and be the first to know about our new products and awesome promotions, click here!

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