7 Metal Garden Decor Pieces That’ll Beautify Your Garden

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There are many ways to add character to your garden and outdoor space: unique wind chimes, spinners, mobiles, stakes. More and more savvy garden decorators are choosing these items in metal finishes that offer contrast, neutrality and a slightly earthy-yet-industrial vibe.

Our team here at Happy Gardens has rounded up a list of our seven favorite metal garden decor pieces. If you were wondering how to beautify your garden, then one or two of these products is a great start. Let us know if we missed anything!

  1. Sun and Moon Wall Hanging
  2. Floral Cutout Wind Spinner
  3. Cat and Dog Best Friend Garden Statue
  4. Triple Spinning Heart Garden Stake
  5. Lily Cup Rain Chain
  6. Hanging Birds With Bells Mobile Wind Chime
  7. Butterfly Branch Hanging Mobile

1. Sun and Moon Wall Hanging

Happy Gardens - Sun and Moon Wall Hanging

What is metal wall decor? Quite simply, it’s a relatively flat, metal-based decorative piece that sits flush on a wall or other vertical space.

This particular, best-selling Sun and Moon Wall Hanging pays homage to all things celestial. We love it on any wall or fence, especially against a darker, moodier paint like navy or ink. Why? The darker backgrounds bring out the natural complexities of the steel detailing and flamed finishing. While handcrafted for outdoor use, this garden steel piece is super high in quality and also looks good inside.

If you’re wondering how to hang metal wall decor, it’s easy. Most Happy Gardens pieces, like this one, come ready to mount.

2. Floral Cutout Wind Spinner

Happy Gardens - Floral Cutout Wind Spinner

Of all the metal wind spinners for sale, this Floral Cutout is perhaps our favorite. Nearly two feet tall, this piece makes an excellent addition to just about every home. The flamed finish offers a slightly iridescent sheen that makes a statement without detracting from a garden’s natural beauty.

3. Cat and Dog Best Friend Garden Statue

Happy Gardens - Cat and Dog Best Friend Garden Statue

Our garden critters collection of metal-and-stone animal sculptures are adorable, whimsical and stunning. While our individual cat and dog statues are best-sellers all by themselves, we are really loving the Cat and Dog Best Friend Garden Statue as a gift for the gardener in your life.
After all, what better way to symbolize friendship than with a sculpture like this?

4. Triple Spinning Heart Garden Stake

Happy Gardens - Triple Spinning Heart Garden Stake

Of all the garden stakes for sale, this Triple Spinning Heart Garden Stake is one of our most beloved. It’s simple and neutral but still bright and warm. It’s copper-colored, flamed finish is striking and complements the natural verdancy of any outdoor space.

5. Lily Cup Rain Chain

Happy Gardens - Lily Cup Rain Chain

How do rain chains work? It’s pretty amazing. They help send rainfall toward gutters, helping control water runoff.

While we sell unique rain chains in just about every theme, color and style, we have a soft spot for our Lily Cup Rain Chain. This particular product features handcrafted, metal lily cups that shimmer and stand out, rain or shine.

Rain chains make a great gift, and your loved ones will adore the sound of a rain chain at work. Soothing and natural, they make even the most inconvenient downpours enjoyable.

6. Hanging Birds With Bells Mobile Wind Chime

Happy Gardens - Hanging Birds With Bells Mobile Wind Chime

The definition of a mobile (or a wind chime!) is quite simple. A mobile is an outdoor decoration that features hanging metal, glass or shell. Mobiles are silent, while wind chimes are specifically designed to make pretty noises in the breeze, usually with the help of bells.

One of our favorite metal wind chimes is this best-selling Hanging Birds with Bells Mobile Wind Chime. This wind chime is natural, funky and both understated and remarkable. It’ll allow the natural beauty of your outdoor space to sing, only adding more complexity and charm to its surroundings.

7. Butterfly Branch Hanging Mobile

Happy Gardens - Butterfly Branch Hanging Mobile

If you’re looking for gorgeous metal garden art, but value silence over sound, then a mobile is the right choice for you. Consider this Butterfly Branch Hanging Mobile, which will bring beauty and balance to your yard right away.

This hanging kinetic art sculpture has been handcrafted to look completely natural in your garden or on your porch. We love it dangling over a flowerbed where butterflies tend to gather in real life.

Have more questions about metal garden decor? We can help you pick out just the right piece for just the right place in your yard. At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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