8 Garden-Inspired Thanksgiving Host Gifts

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Headed to a friend or family member’s home for Thanksgiving this year? Even if your host or hostess insists that they’ve got everything under control, you probably don't want to show up empty-handed. Our Happy Gardens team has put together a thoughtfully-curated list of eight outstanding, garden-inspired gifts for your Turkey Day host.

  1. A Holiday Wreath from Etsy
  2. A November-Inspired Flower Arrangement
  3. An Autumn-Inspired Bird House
  4. A Candle That Smells Like Fall
  5. A Very Festive Baking Pan
  6. A  Fancy, Fall-Inspired Tea
  7. A DIY Holiday Cookie Mix
  8. A Jar of Homemade Cranberry Sauce

1. A Holiday Wreath from Etsy

Happy Gardens - Holiday Wreath

Image Source: twoinspireyou on Etsy

A holiday wreath is a simple way to spread cheer and get in the holiday spirit. We love the selection of handmade, unique wreath options on Etsy. There’s something for everyone, and then some! 

If you send something a few weeks prior to your arrival, a Thanksgiving-inspired wreath is a great choice. Otherwise, stick with a classic one that’ll fit the bill for December. 

2. A November-Inspired Flower Arrangement

Happy Gardens - White Roses with Cranberries

Image Source: Weddingomania

Most Thanksgiving hosts already have a centerpiece for their table in mind, so showing up with an unsolicited Thanksgiving cornucopia might do more harm than good. Instead, try a flower arrangement that takes after the iconic symbol of abundance. Simply buy or create an arrangement that features November-esque colors like yellow, orange, red, burgundy and green. 

Or, for a more elegant look, simply place white roses into a modern, clear vase filled with cranberries. 

3. An Autumn-Inspired Bird House

This bird house is an homage to fall. Featuring detailed accents and autumnal colors, this bird house makes a unique gift that’s sure to impress even the pickiest of hosts. Plus, it comes in a gift box--so no last-minute wrapping required! 

4. A Candle That Smells Like Fall

Happy Gardens - Pumpkin Candle

Image Source: Charleston Candle Co

Candles make fantastic, unfussy gifts. Why not surprise your host or hostess with one that features a holiday-inspired scent? We like this clean-burning candle that smells just like one of our favorite autumnal crops, pumpkin! 

5. A Very Festive Baking Pan

Happy Gardens - Thanksgiving Cake Pan

Image Source: Williams Sonoma 

If you’re headed to a Thanksgiving dinner at a house that’s serious about baking, a festive pan could make a wonderful gift. There are all sorts of fall-inspired pans out there, but we really love this mini-cake pan with molds shaped like acorns, pumpkins and fall leaves. 

6. A Fancy, Fall-Inspired Tea

Happy Gardens - Apple Tea

Tea is a tried-and-true gift that’s easy to give and always appreciated. Why not pick up a fall-inspired set for your Thanksgiving host? There’s a good chance your gift will even be offered after dinner, when dessert is served!

We love an apple spice tea, which various tea purveyors craft, especially during the holidays. 

7. A DIY Holiday Cookie Mix

Happy Gardens - Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie Mix

Image Source: The Creative Bite

We love cranberries, one of fall’s coolest crops. If your Thanksgiving host has a sweet tooth, why not gift them a dessert they can enjoy later? After all, there’ll be plenty of sweetness at Thanksgiving dinner. But this jar of cranberry white chocolate chip cookies will be ready for them to bake a week or so later, when all the leftover pie is gone. 

8. A Jar of Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Happy Gardens - Cranberry Sauce

Image Source: Sustainable Cooks

Another cranberry-centered gift, a jar of homemade cranberry sauce is a thoughtful gift that’s way easier to make than you think. Most recipes call for only cranberries, orange juice, water and sugar. Presentation is the game-changer here, so pick up a cute mason jar for packaging. 

Still not sure what to gift your host this Thanksgiving? Our team can help you pick from our wide selection of garden decor and merchandise! At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help you shop via phone or live chat

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