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best garden gifts under $50

Garden Lover’s Gift Guide: $25 to $50

The holidays are a time to present loved ones with meaningful, unique gifts. And while everyone loves a gift card, there’s no better feeling than giving—and receiving!—a special gift picked just for you. That’s why our Happy Gardens team has curated this fantastic list of gifts for the garden lover, all reasonably priced between $25 to $50.

In this gift guide, you’ll discover:

  1. This Lily-Inspired Garden Stake
  2. This Spinning Heart Ornament
  3. This Adorable Dog Statue
  4. This Very Fluttery Rain Chain
  5. This Unique Green Mobile
  6.  This New England Birdhouse
  7. This Colorful, Chirpy Welcome Sign

1. This Lily-Inspired Garden Stake

Happy Gardens - Triple Calla Lily Garden Stake

This elegant, timeless garden stake features three calla lilies in a copper-like, flamed metal finish. The new item is a perfect gift for the lily lover in your life, like a close aunt or mother-in-law. And it’s perfect for those who adore lilies but can’t handle their very strong, perfumed scent!

The garden stake also includes three bells, one beneath each bloom, for added sensory experience. And at three feet high, it’s the perfect addition to just about any garden, big or small.

The triple calla lily garden stake is available at Happy Gardens for $39.99.

2. This Spinning Heart Ornament

Happy Gardens - Triple Spinning Heart Ornament

Best-selling and simply beautiful, Happy Gardens’ triple spinning heart ornament is the consummate gift. Perfect for anyone with even an ounce of patio or terrace space, this twirling trinket comes ready to hang and enjoy. The three-heart, framed design is sweet and feminine. To balance that out, the ornament is finished in a patinated steel.

This gift, priced at $29.99, is an exceptional choice for nieces and nephews who are new to outdoor decorating.

3. This Adorable Dog Statue

Happy Gardens - Dog River Stone Garden Statue

Finally, an adorable gift for the dog-lover in your life that’s really different! This dog river stone garden statue checks all the boxes: it’s adorable, neutral, durable and unique. It looks great in a flower bed or on a porch or patio… and who’s to judge if someone loves it so much they wants to keep it inside! (Hey, we’ve seen it before!)

Crafted by hand and under one foot tall, this stone and metal statue is priced by Happy Gardens at $27.99.

4. This Very Fluttery Rain Chain

Happy Gardens - Butterfly Rain Chain

Rain chains make gorgeous home accessories and a fantastic, unique gift, and this butterfly rain chain is no exception. Hailing from Japan, rain chains are used to keep water runoff away from roofs—and they look awesome while doing it.

This particular rain chain has a special finish that makes it appear a bit iridescent in the sunlight, rendering it a real focal point of outdoor space even when the weather is good. A mix of beauty and function, this rain chain is very well priced at $49.99. It’s the only rain chain in the Happy Gardens collection available for under $50, and it just so happens to go with just about any home decor style.

5. This Unique Green Mobile

Happy Gardens - Terra Cotta Green Leaf Mobile

Many mobiles, ornaments and windchimes feature a classic, metalized finish—but not this terra cotta green leaf mobile. Its special green coloring goes with everything, and adds a touch of nature to even the most verdant spots. If a loved one on your list loves things a bit understated, this is a great gift for them.

This handcrafted mobile is $39.99. One happy reviewer loved that it was “not too flashy”. 

6. This New England Birdhouse

Happy Gardens - New England Summer Bird House

For the loved one on your list that’s always dreaming about summers in Cape Cod, this New England summer cottage birdhouse would make a great gift. And it’s not just cute! This birdhouse is constructed of exterior grade ply-board with poly-resin details. Fully functional, it features removable back walls, drainage, ventilation, a mounting bracket and an entry hole. It’s also super easy to hang.

This pretty blue birdhouse retails for $47.99.

New England not the right region for this particular bird lover? Check out our other birdhouse offerings, from a southern bird house estate to an Amish one.

7. This Colorful, Chirpy Welcome Sign

Happy Gardens - Swirly Bird Welcome Sign

There’s no better gift than something bright and becoming, like this beloved swirly bird welcome sign. Made for the porch or patio, this cheerful steel piece is handcrafted and features three birds in blue, yellow and magenta. At 20 inches long, it’s not too big for even smaller houses, making it a great gift for friends and family settling into their first homes.

The welcome sign is available at Happy Gardens for $39.99.

Have more questions about gift giving? At Happy Gardens, we’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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