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10 Unique, Homemade Bird Bath Ideas

10 Unique, Homemade Bird Bath Ideas

Looking for some DIY bird bath ideas that'll encourage birds to gather in your backyard or garden? You're in luck. We've searched high and low for the best DIY bird bath ideas, and we're sharing ten new favorites with you.

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DIY bird baths are an inexpensive, gorgeous way to welcome feathered friends into your home's outdoor space. Bird baths provide birds with a place to hydrate, cool down, splash around and bathe themselves. And birds don't bathe just to be cute... A little splash in a bird bath helps birds remove debris and parasites from their bodies.

Regardless of your preferred garden design, an attractive bird bath can help distinguish your outdoor space. Plus, when complementing a bird house and a bird feeder, a functional bird bath offers local birds a true safe haven. After all, habitat loss is a real problem for our feathered friends. By helping birds get everything they need right in your backyard, you're doing your part to help out a species that's seeing more and more challenges every year.

While there are a ton of gorgeous bird baths available for sale, it can be easy and fun to make one all by yourself. Whether you're a modernist or a maximalist, there's a homemade bird bath idea for everybody on our list. So, let's dive into our top ten bird bath ideas for next year!

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1. A rustic, simple DIY bird bath

Rustic Bird Bath

Image Source: The Art of Doing Stuff

If you're a woodsy minimalist who loves organic textures, unfinished wood and simple design, this easy bird bath DIY is for you.

Our friends over at the Art of Doing Stuff have a genius, two-step idea for a natural-but-modern birdbath. A simple bowl (saucer plate) is affixed to birch branches for an inexpensive, jaw-dropping bird bath. Each twig is quite thick and serves as a table leg.

One note from the DIY blogger: you'll need to pick wood about a foot longer than what'll show. Those extra 12 inches of wood should be staked securely below ground.

2. A tomato cage bird bath

We couldn't help ourselves. We just had to include the tomato cage bird bath again. This inexpensive, easy bird bath is a great DIY project for beginners.

All you need is a tomato cage, wire cutters, outdoor-friendly paint and a terra cotta planter saucer. Simply cut the tomato cage to the desired height, and then place the terra cotta saucer into the top of the cage. You can prime, paint and seal the bird bath, if you wish, or stick with a more natural look. Add rocks, stones, and glass beads to the bird bowl for an elevated look.

3. An old sink bird bath

Upcyclers, rejoice! That old sink your neighbor tossed to the curb could easily be turned into a show-stopping water feature! Oh, and it's also super, duper easy.

Since you don't need plumbing, you can use a steel pole to secure and support the sink. (Assuming, of course, you use a pedestal sink.) If you don't know where to find an old sink, try a junkyard. Sometimes, thrift stores will sell these items, or at least know where you can find them.

Fill the water basin with decorative rocks, stones or marbles for an extra cute look.

One note: there are many versions of this DIY bird bath idea. HGTV's version attaches to a straight tree trunk and requires a bit more work.

4. A mosaic bird bath

Mosaic art showcases pieces of ceramic, glass or stone, which are artfully placed on a surface. That surface can be a bench, a wall, a bistro table, or even a bird bath! A mosaic bird bath is not the easiest garden project, but it'll be well-worth the hard work.

To make a bird bath that's functional, half-garden art, start by selecting your base. You might want to start with a simple, concrete bird bath. Or maybe choose an inexpensive bird bath from a garage sale or thrift store. If you strike out there, you can find a simple bird bath in our Happy Gardens shop. Just make sure to seal whatever base you use several times before starting this DIY project.

Now, for the hard part: selecting your materials. Since this mosaic DIY bird bath will hold water and be exposed to the elements, choosing heavy-duty materials is a must. Glass tiles work well because they are non-porous and are unlikely to crack.

Once you select your materials, you'll need to apply adhesive to small sections, then lay out your tile work. Most mosaic artists like to lay out there tile ahead of time, making a plan for the final look. But others prefer a more random, eclectic look. The choice is yours.

After you laid the tiles, give your bird bath a day for the adhesive to cure. Then, it's time to grout.

When your mosaic DIY bird bath is complete, consider adding a bird bath fountain dripper to your water bowl for an even more compelling water feature. Many bird bath fountains are sold separately, so you can install them into a DIY bird bath easily.

5. A flower pot bird bath

The next bird bath on our list: one made out of flower pots! This easy, DIY bird bath is great for beginners. Plus, if you want to attract feathered friends to your garden, this is a simple and inexpensive way to make it happen.

All you need to complete this DIY bird bath: old terra cotta pots and saucers! Simply turn the flower pot over, affix the terra cotta plate to the base of the flower pot and you're all done! Of course, you can use outdoor paint and properly-adhered decorations to the flower pot to jazz things up.

When you're done, fill the bowl with water and enjoy!

Pro tip: you can find a terra cotta pot at any nursery or garden supply shop, but they are sometimes sold at dollar stores for a fraction of the price. You can also use a glazed container to make a flower pot bird bath.

6. A serving bowl bird bath

Here's another one of our favorite bird bath ideas: a DIY bird bath that transforms an old serving bowl into a unique, fun place for local birds to cool off and quench their thirst.

While turning a serving bowl into a bird bath is simple, creating the pedestal isn't as easy. You'll need a fair amount of supplies to complete this DIY bird bath: a hacksaw, drill, clamp, sanding block, tape measurer, old serving bowl, old piece of wood, upcycled table leg, screws and waterproof glue are all required. You may also want outdoor paint.

If you chose a serving bowl that's already pretty, you don't need to worry about decorating it. If you do choose to decorate, make sure you use outdoor-safe paint and a strong, weatherproof adhesive.

For all the details on how this serving bowl bird bath, click here.

7. DIY hanging bird bath

Beginner-level DIYers, rejoice! This homemade hanging bird bath is easy, affordable and charming. One of the simplest bird bath ideas on our list, you can easily knock out this project in a few minutes.

To make a hanging bird bath, simply repurpose a hanging planter by placing an upside-down planter saucer on the top. Hang the bird bath from a sturdy branch. Then, add stones, glass beads or rocks and a couple inches of water.

If you'd rather buy a prefabricated hanging bird bath, we get it. Our online shop has a few classics in stock, including this hanging spice bird bath.

8. A handprint bird bath

Another one of our favorite garden ideas: a bird bath that features your little ones' handprints.

There isn's a specific bird bath that features handprints. Rather, just about any DIY birdbath that calls for painting can feature your children's, nieces' and nephews', or grandchildren's handprints. (Just check out all this inspiration on Pinterest.)

Remember to use paint that'll hold up to water and weather, and finish off your one-of-a-kind bird bath with a sealant. Traditional, kid-friendly washable paints won't do the trick.

9. A chair bird bath

Chair Bird Bath

Image Source: Daisy Maebelle

Talk about upcycling! You can transform a charming chair into a unique bird bath with one of our favorite DIY garden projects. First, find a chair. Whether you buy something new or repurpose something found on Facebook Marketplace or even on the curb. Once you salvage a chair, simply adhere a terra cotta planter saucer to the seat.

You can paint the chair bird bath for a bolder look, but you certainly do not have to. A vintage, natural look really does the trick.

10. A lamp bird bath

Finally, a homemade lamp bird bath is an unexpected, eclectic idea that'll truly stand out in your outdoor space.

So, how do you make a birdbath out of a lamp? It's a multi-step process, but worth the work.

Step 1: Remove all wiring and extra parts of the lamp. (You may need a tool, like pliers, to accomplish this.)

Step 2: While wearing protective gear, flatten both sides of the lamp, removing any hardware.

Step 3: Clean the lamp, then cover it in outdoor-friendly paint, if you wish.

Step 4: Once dry, coat the lamp with clear enamel to help weather-proof it.

Step 5: Adhere a glass serving bowl, ceramic saucer upside-down glass lid to the lamp base. Ensure a sturdy bond by choosing a heavy-duty adhesive.

Step 6: Add a sealant to the bird bowl as well.

Step 7: Properly stake the lamp into the ground.

Step 8: Fill the bowl with beads, rocks, stones and water. Add a dripper fountain, if you wish.

Where to place a bird bath

When placing a bird bath, you'll need to factor in the bath's size, your local climate, how stable your bird bath is, and how to make it visible to local birds. You also won't want to leave birds over-exposed to predators, so staking a bird bath smack in the middle of the yard is unwise. Instead, try nestling a bird bath in a flower bed with partial shade.

Another note: you won't want to place a bird bath right next to a bird house or bird feeder. Birds want some distance between their shelter and their baths. While you can read more about this on our blog, here's a general guidelines: a bird house should be at least six feet away from a bird bath.

Where to buy bird baths

If you're not interested in crafting a homemade bird bath, you can still add a charming, unique bird bath to your home and garden. There are tons of stunning, unusual bird baths available for sale both locally and on the internet.

Not to toot our own horn, but our Happy Gardens shop has an outstanding selection of bird baths, bird houses and bird bath fountains for you to choose from. We even have a bird feeder or two to choose from! Made from high-quality materials and lovingly hand-crafted, you'll be hard-pressed to find such unique, charismatic pieces at larger stores.

You can also check places like eBay for pre-loved, quirky bird baths and other garden accessories.

However you decide to incorporate a bird bath into your garden, know that you're making a wise investment. After all, who wouldn't want to beautify their garden with a welcoming and warm bird bath?

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