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concrete bird bath with red bird in it

How to Make a Homemade Bird Bath: 5 Ideas for Every Budget

Looking for an attractive, fun way to make your space more inviting to local birds? A DIY bird bath is an adorable, inexpensive way to add charm—and chirps!—to your outdoor space in no time, for less money than you think. Of course, you could buy a humble bird bath or even a luxe pool for your local feathered friends!

Bird baths make a great addition to any outdoor space. Bird baths offer birds a place to drink some water, cool off and clean debris and parasites off their plumage. According to the Audubon Society, bird baths are also more important than ever, as summers are getting hotter, dryer and longer. Plus, who doesn't love watching birds have a little pool party?

In this article, we'll outline exactly how you should approach a bird bath DIY craft. We'll offer up five suggestions for DIY bird baths. Plus, we'll reveal what you should use for bird bath bowls, list the best materials for a bird bath, and even explain how you can make a bird bath out of a intimidating-but-sturdy material like concrete.

So read on to learn everything you need to know about building your very own DIY bird bath. (Oh, and if you just want to order a cute one and be done with it, we have some ideas for that, too!)

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A red bird perches on a bird bath in a green, outdoor space.

(1) Tomato Cage Bird Bath

A tomato cage bird bath is an easy DIY bird bath project we recommend for beginners, or parents looking to craft with their children. Because this type of DIY birdbath is so quick and simple, it can be completed in an afternoon... or less! It's a great introduction to DIY crafting, and can help you build confidence in your crafting quickly.

All you need for this easy DIY is:

  • a tomato cage
  • wire cutters
  • outdoor-friendly spray paint, primer and acrylic coating spray
  • a terra cotta planter saucer that fits nicely into the top of the tomato cage

A note: a terra cotta planter is a great choice for a bird bath. Other waterproof, hard materials, like concrete, are good choices, too.

Cut the cage to a reasonable height for your bird bath, maybe between one foot and two feet. You can also remove any unnecessary rings and wiring from the cage. You just need the structure.

Then, if you wish, prime, paint and seal the planter saucer. You don't have to paint this DIY bird bath, but if you do, a bold color can really make your bird bath pop!

Once dry, place the saucer securely into the top of the cage. Stake it, add fresh water and some cute rocks, and voila! You've made an adorable, one-of-a-kind bird bath that local birds are sure to love.

(2) Flying Saucer Hanging Bird Bath

Another ultra-simple DIY bird bath project, this hanging bird bath is perfect for even the tiniest, most urban of outdoor spaces... or a very spacious yard! Best of all, to make this DIY bird bath, all you have to do is follow a few steps and you'll be attracting birds to your yard in no time.

It's this simple. Buy (or upcycle) a hanging planter, then place an upside-down terra cotta planter saucer on the very top. Then, fill with water. That's it!

This homemade, hanging DIY bird bath takes minutes to make and will instantly add a unique water feature to your patio. Plus, like every bird bath on this list, a hanging bird bath will help attract birds to your garden in no time.

(3) Homemade Step Stool Bird Bath

Another infinitely-customizable, ultra-simple bird bath DIY project! Not only can you likely upcycle everything you'll need to make this craft, but you can also start and finish the bird bath same day.

All you'll need is another terra cotta saucer, an old step stool and a rock or other little garden accessory. Paint the step stool a daring color, or choose something more conservative. Then, simply place the saucer on the top step, adding a rock or another weighted object for stability.

This DIY project is ultra-simple, great for beginners and quite inexpensive. If you don't have spare step stool, check for one in your neighborhood's Buy Nothing group.

(4) Flower Pot Bird Bath

While the past three DIY ideas all used planter saucers, you can actually reuse an entire flower pot to make an easy DIY bird bath in minutes. Simply flip the flower pot upside down, than place the saucer on top of the base. Fill it with a few cute rocks and some clean water, and you're done!

As always, you can add paint and other knick knacks to add color and character to your DIY bird bath. These additions make for a more charming water feature, and give local birds a place to perch and play.

(5) Concrete DIY Bird Bath

If you're looking for a bird bath a bit sturdier and more modern, you might want to use concrete to make a custom bird bath. Just to warn you, this is a far more intricate DIY project and is better for more advanced builders.

So, how do you make a concrete bird bath? It's a multi-step process that requires far more materials than the simpler DIY projects outlined above.

You'll need: duct tape, bricks, knives, assorted paint brushes, concrete mixing tools, bricks, trowels and floats, a tape measurer, personal protective equipment, bolt cutters, a caulk gun, a hand saw, rocks, a planter saucer, a plant tray, wood and concrete sealers, forming tubes, construction adhesive, sanding sponges and sandpaper, cement, cloth fencing, caulk or a sealant, and perhaps vinyl tile. (It's a lot, we know!)

Here's the process, step by step:

Step 1: Create a bird bath bowl mold

Use a fairly shallow planter saucer, a plant tray and a concrete form tube to create a mold for your DIY bird bath. (Birds don't like the deep end.)

Prime the containers with a little bit of cutting board oil.

Step 2: Create a base

Once you cut the concrete form tube to your desired height plus a few inches. Then, use a hacksaw to cut the tube. Place it on vinyl tile on a leveled surface to create a sturdy base. Tape the items together using duct tape, then seal the inside of the tube with caulk.

You'll need to pause on your DIY bird bath until the caulk dries!

Step 3: Add hardware cloth

If you wish, use hardware cloth to make your concrete even more durable. This is especially key in very hot or cold climates. Simply trim the cloth in a circle that fits inside the mold but doesn't touch the edges. Then trim a rectangle that's slightly shorter than the height of the mold. Curl it up so it fits inside the mold, too.

Step 4: Pour concrete for the birdbath bowls and stand

Mix concrete by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Then, pour 1.5 inches of concrete into the deeper bird bath mold. Then, add the hardware cloth and cover it with concrete. Now, attach the top plant tray, covering that in concrete as well. You can use bricks to weigh it down.

Next, get to work on the stand. Add three or so inches of concrete to the plant stand, then add the cylinder of hardware cloth. Keep adding concrete, shaking to release air bubbles as you work.

Pro tip: you'll need to cover the concrete to keep it moist while it sets and cures. You can use trash bags or any other plastic sheeting material to do this. After 24 hours, your concrete should be cured. Hose down your work, then remove the molds.

Step 5: Sand and seal the concrete

Use sandpaper to smooth out edges and ridges of the birdbath. Then, seal the birdbath and allow it to dry.

Step 6: Connect the two pieces

Finally, fasten the bird bath to the stand using a concrete adhesive.

Step 7: Style, and enjoy!

Your DIY concrete bird bath is ready! Style it with pebbles, a motorized fountain, or even a cute little perch for birds to enjoy. Fill it with clean water and watch your yard turn into a local watering hole.

Prefabricated (and fabulous!) bird baths

If you don't have the time, energy or interest to make your own DIY bird bath, that's totally okay. There are many ready-to-enjoy bird baths to choose from, both in-store and online.

At Happy Gardens, we have an award-winning bird bath collection of both bird baths and bird houses that are ready to install in your yard.

Our bird bath options includes a simple hanging teal bird bath, a golden copper bird bath, and a perfectly textured green leaf bird bath. All of our bird baths are handcrafted, made using the finest materials, and designed for optimum human and bird enjoyment!

Our shop also carries dripper fountains that can be added to any bird bath, including DIY bird baths. These water features add soothing movement, sights and sounds to your yard in seconds.

Need help picking out a great bird bath, bird house or dripper fountain? We're here to help via chat, email or phone.

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