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Lovely metal art!

We live on a canal in Florida, so wanted to use these sculptures on my mantle in the sun room overlooking the water where we see these majestic birds (live) every day. Very happy with the quality and substantial weight! Now to get a nature picture to replace the flowers!

Cute Bear family

Good substance to the piece. Adorable features.

sun, moon, stars by the pool...

Got tired watching, even after caring for them, plants dying by the pool and where once hung a plant I now have the very lovely copper colored sun, moon and stars....

An Excellent Gift Purchase

This order was a Christmas gift for a family member. She absolutely loved it and hung it up the next day in her backyard, even while it was snowing. The birdhouse was exactly as expected and the transaction/delivery went 100% smoothly. I would highly recommend others invest in this product if interested, and I thank Happy Gardens for a quick and easy order process!

Cute Family of Bears

Cute little family of bears! My reason for 4 stars is the big bear had several strings of glue trailing around the bear that had to be removed. But they pulled off easily and now Papa Bear is perfect. This bear family is just right!

Outdoor Bird Decor: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Happy Gardens on

Here at Happy Gardens, many of us grew up crafting or buying bird houses and bird baths for our homes, hoping to attract all sorts of birdlife to our backyards and gardens. In this article, we’ll unpack 11 of the most frequently asked questions about bird decor.

  1. How do birdhouses work?
  2. What birds like birdhouses?
  3. What do birds look for in a outdoor bird house?
  4. Where should I hang a bird house?
  5. How can I make a bird house pretty?
  6. How do birdbaths work?
  7. What are the best birdbaths like?
  8. How can I make or buy a birdbath?
  9. Where should I place a bird bath?
  10. How can I make my bird bath desirable?
  11. How often should I clean my birdbath?

1. How do birdhouses work?

Happy Gardens - New England Bird House

Bird houses are cute, but they are also quite functional. That’s because habitat loss is a real problem for birds. The Seattle Times asserts that bird houses “provide shelter to cavity-nesting species, which for the most part eat insects and berries instead of seed.”

And yes, that means your bird feeders and your bird houses are likely patronized by different birds!

2. What birds like birdhouses?

According to The Seattle Times, there are certain birds that naturally look for shelter, making them likely to enjoy a bird house. These birds include “western bluebirds, wrens, titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers and tree swallows”.

3. What do birds look for in a outdoor bird house?

Happy Gardens - Goldilocks Bird House

Same thing you’d look for in a new home: a great location! For best results, the same article recommends placing birdhouses at least 5 feet off the ground and at least 20 feet from feeders or baths.

But sometimes a good location isn’t enough to attract birds. If you’re wondering how to get birds to use a birdhouse, the article asserts that most birds want houses that are:

  • Private and secluded
  • Cozy, aged and a little worn out
  • Near nesting materials
  • Slanted-roofed for protection from rain

4. Where should I hang a bird house?

Happy Gardens - Charlemagne Bird House

Well, the question really is, should you hang a bird house at all? Wrens like a hanging box all right, but many other birds would rather have a stabilized home.

At Happy Gardens, our pretty bird homes are easy to install. Many of them come with simple mounting hardware so you can secure them safely to a tree, fence or post.

5. How can I make a bird house pretty?

You can create one or order one online.

If you are creating one, remember to build a bird house with a slanted roof, proper ventilation and the correct-sized entry for your desired bird. Different birds want a different sized entry to keep their families safe from predators without making coming and going too challenging.

If you are ordering online, you’ll get to choose between simple and ornate. At Happy Gardens, we have all types of bird houses for sale online for you to choose from, including a New Orleans-inspired bird cottage and an Amish country bird house.

6. How do birdbaths work?


Well, birds need a dependable source of clean drinking water, so when you decide to place a birdbath in your yard or garden, you attract this wildlife outright. 

Plus, since different birds have different needs (some want feeders; others, houses) you will attract completely different types of birds by investing in a bird bath!

7. What are the best birdbaths like?

The best birdbaths are naturally similar to places where a bird would choose to bathe in the wild. These bird baths are shallow and offer slightly-sloped edges so the birds can wade into water at an angle that’s comfortable for them.

8. How can I make or buy a birdbath?

Making a bird bath is quite simple. Remember, you are mostly looking for something that:

  • Is shallow
  • Has soft slopes around the edges for wading
  • Can be easily cleaned

That means, theoretically, you could flip a trash can lid or even a sloped kitchen pan to offer birds a place to drink and splash around.

Of course, at Happy Gardens, we want you to select something practical and beautiful! Choose from our copper bird bathslike this one—to make your garden as pleasant for you as it is your new flying friends.

9. Where should I place a bird bath?

Once again, you’ll want to set things up organically: don’t place a bird bath too high, as it’s unnatural. Keep the bath at ground level for best results, but only if it’s safe... If you have an outdoor cat, remember that they are a predator to bathing birds and perhaps a bath would be a better gift to a cat-less friend.

10. How can I make my bird bath desirable?


Fresh, shallow water is key, of course. But don’t overlook little details and extras, like stones and branches in the wading area so birds can naturally perch as they drink.

Feeling extra fancy? Try a running water spout like this hummingbird solid copper dripper fountain. Birds flock to the sight and sound of running water.

11. How often should I clean my birdbath?

It depends on how many birds are using it, really, but a few times a week should do the trick! We know that’s a bit of work, but remember, you are providing a habitat for birds—it should be a pleasure to help them care for it!

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