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5 Garden Decor Pieces That Scream "Summer!"

Summer’s here! (Unofficially, anyway!)

No matter how you celebrate this sunny season, we can all agree that outdoors is the place to do it. And, if you’re like the rest of our Happy Gardens community, you’ll want your home’s outdoor space to be as unique, charming and whimsical as possible.

We’ve put together a list of five garden decor pieces, from unique windchimes to handcrafted garden stakes, that champion summer and sunshine. We hope you find one or two—or five!—pieces that’ll help you prepare your garden for long days and laughs and lemonade.

  1. Bees Double Spiral Garden Ornament
  2. Caterpillar Garden Statue
  3. Hanging Teal Bird Bath
  4. Watering Can Spiral Mobile Wind Chime
  5. Dragonfly Whimsy Flutterer

1. Bees Double Spiral Garden Ornament

Happy Gardens - Bees (Double) Spiral Garden Ornament

One of our favorite things to do during the summer is picnic with family and friends. Well, what’s a picnic without brownies, watermelon and a few bumblebees!?

Our bees double spiral garden ornament pays homage to some of nature’s most important creatures… while making your outdoor space look pretty awesome! The piece’s cool, spiral shape makes it an interesting addition to every landscape, whether that’s a sprawling yard or a tiny, urban patio. Plus, the flamed metal finish lends the piece a distinct, natural finish that’ll look great for summers to come.

2. Caterpillar Garden Statue

Happy Gardens - Caterpillar Garden Statue

At Happy Gardens, we understand that many insects are pests that feed on your gorgeous gardens. But here’s one critter you’re sure to love: our handcrafted caterpillar garden statue! Funky and friendly, this statuette will bring charm and cheer to any outdoor space right away.

This individually-crafted piece has been made from reclaimed river stones. Did you know that the Honduran manufacturer who provides us with these caterpillar statues dedicates a portion of his proceeds to improving life for the workers who make the decor? That’s pretty cool!

3. Hanging Teal Bird Bath

Happy Gardens - Hanging Teal Bird Bath

Whew! It’s hot out there. At temperatures climb, you’re not the only one who likes to cool off with a dip in the pool. So give your friendly, feathered friends a chance to splash around in our hanging teal bird bath!

Sturdy but streamlined, this bird bath is easy to install and will add a pop of color to your backyard or garden. Plus, a little sculpted bird on the bath’s edge will make sure your bird bath is never empty.

4. Watering Can Spiral Mobile Wind Chime

Happy Gardens - Watering Can Spiral Mobile Wind Chime

Hot, sunny days mean thirsty plants. That’s just summer. So embrace it with our clever watering can wind chime!

We love this individually handcrafted, flamed metal piece most when placed in more traditional homes and gardens. After all, the attention to detail on this unique wind chime is next-level, and a tad old-fashioned… in a good way! Of course, all of our Happy Gardens windchimes are easy to assemble, hang and keep clean. This one is no exception.

Not feeling the watering can vibe? Check out the rest of our collection of windchimes and mobiles.

5. Dragonfly Whimsy Flutterer

Happy Gardens -  Dragonfly Whimsy Flutterer

Creepy critter or fantastic flyer? That’s for you to decide. If you’re anything like us, you love dragonflies—or at least, you love dragonfly-inspired decor! And gee, does this dragonfly whimsy flutterer really make an impression.

While you can place this unique piece anywhere, we love in most in a lush flower bed, where the swarming dragonflies look most natural. If you’re working on a more urban garden, you can stake this piece into a wide flower pot.

If dragonflies scare you, don’t worry. We make a similar piece that features butterflies, instead!

Need help picking out something awesome to spruce up your yard for summer? We’re here to help via phone or live chat.

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