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10 Best Metal Yard Art Ideas for 2021

10 Best Metal Yard Art Ideas for 2021

Metal yard art instantly adds stunning elements of texture, color and design to outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking to modernize your garden with glass art, brighten up your back patio with DIY decorations, or add some colorful character to a sterile side yard, metal yard art can help you get the job done.

In this article, we'll outline ten of our favorite metal garden art ideas for 2021. From DIY projects to ready-to-install statues, we have tons of inspiring items and ideas to share with you.

1. License Plate DIY Yard Art

A metal yard art dragonfly made of old license plates is affixed to a tree trunk.

Image Source: Birds and Blooms

Whether you collect old license plates or just have a few expired tags in your garage collecting dust, you can upcycle old license plates into stunning, charismatic yard art.

A great outdoor blog, Birds and Blooms, shows you exactly how to transform weathered car plates into eclectic, adorable metal dragonflies. All you need is an old chair leg, some wire, an old key ring, a picture hanger, markets and paint, screws, a metal file, a drill, a metal file, a cutting torch and safety goggles.

This DIY decorations look good everywhere, especially when fastened to a tree or staked into a walkway near some lush plants.

2. DIY Metal Flowers from Bottle Caps

Metal flowers made from old, painted bottles caps are staked in a flower bed.

Image Source: Urban Gardeners Republic

Whether you've got an obscure collection of old bottle caps or are just looking for a fun, relatively easy DIY yard art craft, making metal flowers is a great choice. This is one of the simplest DIY projects on our list, so we highly recommend it to crafters who are just beginning.

Grab lots of old bottle caps, outdoor paint, old wire hangers, metal shears and strong glue. Then, cut short little slices into the rim of the bottle cap to create a petal effect. Then, paint the flowers as you wish, attach them to metal wire using glue, and allow them to dry overnight.

Remember, these are just ideas. You don't have to paint the bottle caps! In fact, if you've got a cool collection, these pieces of garden art might look better au natural.

Once ready to install, stake the flowers in batches wherever you so choose. We love them clustered in a walkway, or staked into potted plants or window boxes.

3. Ready-to-Install Metal Flowers

If you're a big fan of metal flower garden art, but aren't in the mood to take on a DIY project, check out our Happy Gardens shop. We have tons of handmade, high-quality floral metal yard art in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Neutral, flamed metal garden art goes with just about every style of home. Our garden sculpture collection includes the triple calla lily garden stake, a classic piece great for traditional outdoor spaces. For something just as neutral but a bit more quaint, our cutout daisy garden stake is a great choice.

Finally, our flamed metal roses add a touch of romance to any home and garden. Available as a single flower or in a cluster of five, these metal garden ornaments are a simple way to make a big statement with garden art. See our entire garden stake collection for more idea.

4. DIY Copper Flowers

5 handmade, copper flowers are staked into a green garden.

Image Source: Garden Therapy

Here at Happy Gardens, we love a good DIY garden project, and this one is a staff favorite. Using copper sheeting, you can easily create a metal flower that'll only grow more and more stunning with age.

To make copper garden art flowers, you'll need copper sheeting and rods, metal shears, protective gear and a touch of creativity. You'll also need metal adhesive, and tools like a metal file and a hand saw.

To get started, measure and map out how you'd like to cut your flowers. Copper is a very expensive material, so this isn't a DIY project you'll want to wing. Then, cut your copper flowers. You can find plans and inspiration on the internet--or in your own backyard.

Once all of your pieces are ready, create flowers by layering petals and placing a bud in the center. You can use metal adhesive to secure the flowers. Then, use more metal adhesive to secure the flower to the stem, which is a copper rod. To create variation, you may want to cut every stem a different height. Finally, using a metal file, soften any sharp edges on your flowers.

Finally, stake your DIY copper flowers wherever you wish. We love them against the verdant backdrop of plants and shrubs, but where you place your yard art is entirely up to you.

Remember, copper develops a charming patina over time. This glamorous rust is quite desirable, and you shouldn't shy away from it. If you want to keep your copper looking brand-spanking-new, you'll need to prevent the oxidation process through a series of steps. For more information about preventing patina, click here.

5. DIY Metal Garden Sphere

Garden orbs covered in blue glass beads sit in a rocky, outdoor area.

Image Source: DIY N' Crafts

This is another one of our favorite DIY garden ideas! Unique, dazzling metal globes are a grand way to add style and texture to your garden, walkway or yard. These orbs are unexpected, interesting and a great way to distinguish your outdoor space from your neighbors' gardens.

There are prefabricated garden orbs available for sale, but you can also make this garden decor all by yourself. A beloved outdoor blog, Empress of Dirt, has the details on creating this yard art in her post.

To take on the project, you'll need a round base to begin with. You can use old bowling balls, sand globes, a glass bowl, even an obsolete fishbowl. If you're using something glossy--like a bowling ball--you'll want to sand it down first for best results. Then, paint your globe as desired with outdoor paint or spray paint.

Next, get decorating. You can add marbles, gravel, glass beads or whatever else you wish to your orb. Aquarium gravel in particular helps create a festive, confetti-like shell that looks great day and night. You can use a silicone adhesive to make sure your creation stands up to the test of time.

6. Animal-Inspired Garden Art

A garden statue of a cute dog made of stone and steel.

 If you're an animal lover, prove it with our stone and metal, animal-inspired garden art. Made from reclaimed river rocks and and heavy-duty steel, each adorable sculpture in our collection is made by hand and guaranteed to bring an element of playfulness to your home.

For pet lovers, our best-selling stone and metal dog and cat sculptures are always a hit. (Who doesn't love a steel set of whiskers!?) But we also offer a wilder selection for more adventurous buyers: spiders, caterpillars, frogs and bees are also favorites. You can puruse our entire collection of metal and stone garden art right on our website.

7. Flea Market Finds

While it's fun and easy to make or buy garden and yard art, you can also find some really unique stuff at local flea markets. You can also find one-of-a-kind metal garden art on websites like eBay and Etsy.

Even if you can't find the perfect garden art piece at your favorite flea market, keep an eye out for some awesome materials you can use for your next DIY garden decor project. From old car plates to scrap metal, one man's trash is a true DIYer's treasure!

8. Colorful Metal Flowers

A yellow rose plant pick is staked into a potted plant.

If you're looking for something bolder and brighter than traditional copper or flamed metal flowers, check out our collection of painted, flower-inspired garden stakes. From our pastel-rich terra cotta flower stake to our yellow rose plant pick, our online store is stuffed with stunning floral garden art designed to stay in bloom for years to come.

Floral garden stakes add complexity to any outdoor space. They stand out in every area, but especially when placed in a grassy field or walkway with no other blooms. No matter your garden design style, there's always room for a pop of color.

9. Funky Rain Gauges

Rain gauges are a great way to bring both beauty and function to your garden. Rain gauges are half-tool, half-art. They help gardeners measure precipitation and make decisions about plant care--but they're also really cute!

Whether you choose to make your own rain gauge or buy a unique, prefabricated one, you can't go wrong. Check out Google or Pinterest for DIY ideas and photos, or check out our Happy Gardens store for high-quality, handcrafted rain gauges. Our current favorite: this classy, understated butterfly rain gauge, which really shines in a flower bed or wherever else butterflies naturally flock.

10. Metal Flowers Made From Utensils

Yep, more metal flower ideas! This DIY yard art actually transforms unwanted utensils into eclectic yard art that'll bring a funky, surreal sense of play to your garden.

There are many ways to make upcycled garden art items like these, so have a look on Pinterest and find what inspires you. Again, some silverware art will likely turn to rusty metal over time. To prevent rust, use stainless steel and apply a sealer to your utensils. Or, embrace the rusty look! After all, it's natural.

Need help picking out the perfect metal yard art? Our customer service team is here to help!

Also you may interested in our wall art and lawn ornament collections.

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