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12 Best Garden Decor Ideas for 2021

Posted by Jennifer Nelson on

Discover 12 of the best garden decor ideas for 2021. From DIY garden paths to solar-powered lighting, transforming your yard has never been easier.

10 Best Metal Yard Art Ideas for 2021

Posted by Lauren Okie on

Metal yard art instantly adds stunning elements of texture, color and design to outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking to modernize your garden with glass art, brighten up your back patio with DIY decorations, or add some colorful character to a sterile side yard, metal yard art can help you get the job done. In this article, we'll outline ten of our favorite metal garden art ideas for 2021. From DIY projects to ready-to-install statues, we have tons of inspiring items and ideas to share with you. 1. License Plate DIY Yard Art Image Source: Birds and Blooms Whether you collect old...


How to Make a Homemade Bird Bath: 5 Ideas for Every Budget

Posted by Lauren Okie on

Looking for an attractive, fun way to make your space more inviting to local birds? A DIY bird bath is an adorable, inexpensive way to add charm—and chirps!—to your outdoor space in no time, for less money than you think. Of course, you could buy a humble bird bath or even a luxe pool for your local feathered friends! Bird baths make a great addition to any outdoor space. Bird baths offer birds a place to drink some water, cool off and clean debris and parasites off their plumage. According to the Audubon Society, bird baths are also more important...


15 Inspirational Quotes about Gardening & Nature

Posted by Jennifer Nelson on

From Michael Pollan to Helen Mirren, discover what 15 public figures have to say about our favorite pastime, gardening.
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