What Do Different Color Roses Mean?

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! If you’re planning on gifting a bouquet of roses this February, this guide can help you choose the perfect hue for all the loved ones on your list. 

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So, what do different rose colors symbolize? Find out below!

  1. Red Roses
  2. White Roses
  3. Dark Pink Roses
  4. Medium Pink Roses
  5. Light Pink Roses
  6. Yellow Roses
  7. Orange Roses
  8. Coral Roses
  9. Lavender Roses

1. Red Roses

Happy Gardens - Red Roses

A Valentine’s Day classic, red roses symbolize beauty, passion and love. Unmistakably romantic, red roses are as emblematic of love as hearts themselves. A single rose can be sent as a message of love, and a dozen red roses is far and away the most common Valentine’s Day request at flower shops. 

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2. White Roses

Happy Gardens - White Rose

White roses symbolize innocence, purity and heaven. They also can symbolize young, everlasting love, which is one of the reasons why they’re so prominent at weddings. While not as traditional as red roses, they are gorgeous enough to gift to your lover if you so choose. 

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3. Dark Pink Roses

Happy Gardens - Dark Pink Rose

Dark pink roses symbolize happiness, gratitude and thankfulness. While these are gorgeous flowers that anybody would be happy to receive, they are perfect to give to a friend. 

4. Medium Pink Roses

Happy Gardens - Medium Pink Rose

Medium pink roses are a versatile flower, and they’re pretty as can be. They can be given to express gratitude, or they can be gifted to symbolize love. 

5. Light Pink Roses

Happy Gardens - Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses symbolize innocence, appreciation and gentleness. The shade is perfect to gift to your daughter, sister or mother this Valentine’s Day. 

6. Yellow Roses

Happy Gardens - Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are emblematic of friendship and joy. A happy, charming hue, the yellow rose is typically reserved for friends. Yellow roses also say “welcome back”, and are often gifted to someone who’s returning home after quite some time away.

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7. Orange Roses

Happy Gardens - Orange Roses

Orange roses mean excitement, enthusiasm and energy. While not a traditional Valentine’s Day flower, they are gorgeous and unique, and could be just the right shade to show that special somebody in your life just how much you care about them.

8. Coral Roses

Happy Gardens - Coral Roses

Coral roses signify desire and excitement. It’s perhaps the flirtiest of flowers out there, and a great choice to send to a new love interest early in a courtship.

9. Lavender Roses 

Happy Gardens - Purple Rose 

You don’t see lavender roses every day, but they sure are gorgeous… and special. Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight. Enchanting and exciting, these flowers are another great way to flirt, although they are a bit more serious than their coral counterparts. 

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