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Birdhouses / Baths

Encouraging your neighborhood’s birds to call your garden home–or at least stop by for a splash!–is easy with our carefully curated collection of birdhouses and birdbaths. These individually handcrafted pieces have been showcased in publications like Elle and Better Homes and Gardens, and were featured on Oprah’s 2017 Gift List. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, our unique selection of bird decor offers a wide range of colors, styles, motifs and price points. All items in this collection are durable, handmade and easy to assemble. There’s simply something for everyone… and every bird! To filter further, you can find bird houses with stands, our bird feeder page, bird bath collection, or our dedicated bird house page.

Bird Houses For Sale

Our handmade birdhouses are the best way to see different species of birds from the comfort of your home as they get settled into their new bird housing. We carry a wide range of unique products that are sure to please any customer who is on the search for a birdhouse that stands out from the usual products.

The birds' houses we sell are also made with durability in mind, which means they'll last longer than the mass-produced alternatives on the market you can get from anywhere. Each house we make is also easy to assemble by following the clear instructions we provide with your birdhouse. Check out our article on how to hang a birdhouse.

Another reason you should always come to us for your birdhouses is that we provide feedback from other customers who have purchased the house, giving you an easy way to learn about the houses without wasting your time searching online. We also free shipping if your total purchase is over $100!

Finding The Perfect Birdhouses

The best thing about buying our popular birdhouses is that you get to find one that suits your personality! Some of the best selling bird houses we have available include the Stone Cottage Birdhouse, the Sleepy Hollow Birdhouse, the Yellow Veranda Birdhouse, and Fishing Lodge Birdhouse.

Each of these birdhouses adds some personality to your yard and gives you an unforgettable conversation starter when you have friends and family over. Whether you're looking for birdhouses that are traditional or want some more unique, we have just the items for you!

Not only is the make of the birdhouses of the highest quality, but we've also had a number of the houses featured on Oprah's Holiday Wish List! With a wide range of colors and prices, you don't need to search any longer for the perfect birdhouse for your property! We also have an article on how to clean a birdhouse.

A Great Gift for Anyone in Your Life!

Not only are these handmade birdhouses in high demand but each one has an affordable price tag that makes them the perfect gift! If you're always on the search for the best gift for your loved ones or are trying to find a great home warming present, we recommend you pick from one of our bird houses!

We've never met anyone who doesn't look forward to watching different bird species visit their yard to spend time in our unique bird boxes. Our birdhouses are free of that bland design you see so often in stores. Instead, we create beautiful works of art for birds of all kinds to enjoy at a price you'll love! Forget the search all over town for something that stands out from the crowd and instead pick from the best houses you can find online!

Not only will you have different birds making your new house and home, but you'll also be getting a product that comes with a one-year warranty! This means the person getting this as a gift can rest easy knowing they're covered during this time! We also offer a 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee and free shipping where applicable!

Houses Created for Birds that Everyone Will Love!

Birds of all species love our houses because they keep them safe and comfortable due to the exterior grade plywood and cedar or pine shingles. These build materials means the birds will be happy no matter what climate or region you live in. Check out our article on how to place a birdhouse.

Each of the decorative birdhouses is also fully functional, providing proper ventilation, drainage, and an unpainted interior for them to enjoy. When we create these birdhouses we want both the birds and the customer to be happy! That's why we offer free shipping on orders over $100 and 30-day return policy!

We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and will do our best to help you if you have any questions or concerns! We'll also keep you informed of any sale or coupons as they become available if you join our backyard savings group!

Makes sure you check out the various colors including white bird houses and blue bird houses. Also we have a nice selection of cottage birdhouses and wren birdhouses.