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Garden Decor & Ornament Collections


Made with love by artisans world wide

Uses recycled material on products/packaging

Never use sealants that can harm wildlife

Purchase helps support Honduran villages

Happy Gardens Guaranteed Happiness

Free shipping on orders over $100

What customers are saying about us

Again, having purchased several items, I am very pleased with the quality, price and speedy delivery. Will definitely order from Happy Gardens again.

Debbie R. - Verified Happy Gardens Customer

Your products are very well made and unique. I have ordered several other items, and have always been happy with them. Can't wait to put it in my garden!

Judy B. - Verified Happy Gardens Customer

I misunderstood the ad and thought I was going to receive all three. You responded to my comments right away and even changed your ad! You so generously sent me the set of three today. Only a great company would do this. I truly appreciate what you did and want you to know that I will be ordering from you again, SOON!!!

Denise L. - Verified Happy Gardens Customer

I bought the 5 cup flower and loved it but I had some problem putting together...I contacted the company and they went above and beyond in my opinion and helped me!! Highly recommend to anyone. They are awesome to work with.

Kathy D. - Verified Happy Gardens Customer

The Old Farmer's Almanac loves partnering with Happy Gardens, and providing our growing digital audience with the opportunity to get to know Happy Gardens and their terrific garden products! Thank you Happy Gardens!

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Handcrafted gardening decorations, yard decorations and artwork as unique as your garden. Explore collections from garden spinners and statues to unique wind chimespopular birdhousesgarden wall decor, hummingbird feeders and more.

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