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Balancing Your Wind Spinner - How To Guide

Balancing Your Wind Spinner - How To Guide

If you've built your own wind spinner, purchased one that needs to be repaired, or just can't get your wind spinner to spin, you'll want to learn how to balance a wind spinner. This article will guide you through the ins and outs of wind spinners and how they work, then teach you how to balance the spinner.

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What Is a Wind Spinner?

A wind spinner features two (or sometimes more) concentric rings that all rotate on one central axis, creating a mesmerizing "spin" effect.

Wind spinners, also known as whirligigs, come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But the most common wind spinners are paper or metal.


Where to Place a Garden Wind Spinner

Before you assume your wind spinner isn't working or is out of balance, you'll want to ensure you've staked it in the right place. Most importantly, even quality wind spinners won't rotate or function optimally in an area where very little wind blows.

Insist on a location where the breeze is always blowing, so you can get more enjoyment out of your spinners. For added visual interest, install your wind spinners among trees, along a walkway, or in a grassy backyard.


Metal Wind Spinner Parts

Whether you're shopping for a new wind spinner, building your own using a DIY craft, or fixing up an old spinner, here are some wind spinner parts you might want to familiarize yourself with.

Plus, if you plan to assemble your own spinner or taking an old one apart, knowing these parts can help you balance your wind spinner correctly from the get-go. Note that these parts are usually found in a metal spinner.

  • Metal Garden Wind Vane

  • Metal Hinges

  • Bearings

  • Copper Pole Extensions

  • Pole Anchor

  • Nuts and Screws

  • Pole Connectors

  • 'T' Bar

  • Any Decorative Add-Ons


How to Balance Metal Wind Spinners

Metal wind spinners might seem tricky to balance, but the key is careful assembly from step one. Here's how to balance a wind spinner.

Step 1: Placing the Pole

First, you'll want to ensure the spinner's pole is perfectly upright at a 90 degree angle. This is key to balancing the wind spinner; after all, if it's not standing up straight, the other steps here could become moot.

Step 2: Check the Blades

Next, you'll want to take the spinner itself inside and verify the blades stay absolutely still. That stillness—in the absence of any wind, of course—indicate your spinner's arms and blades are all at balance.

If you see any motion, you'll need to balance them out.

Step 3: Tighten the Nuts

After you've correctly staked the pole and checked all blades, you'll want to tighten the wind spinner's nuts, if necessary. Have a look at the 'T' bar and identify where the nuts and bolts attach the two pieces.

If necessary, use a wrench to tighten the nuts. This should leave enough "wiggle room" for the spinner to spin easily.

Step 4: Find the Heavy Side

If you're still having trouble getting the arms to balance, one trick is identifying whether the sculpture naturally leans to one side when you rotate it. If it does, you'll know that your wind spinner has a heavy side.

The heaviest portion of the sculpture will always settle at the bottom of the ring once rotation has stopped.

Step 5: Bend Arms for Balance

If the previous steps didn't help you balance your wind spinner, you might need to get hands-on with your sculpture. That's right—go ahead and bend the two arms at the bottom of your spinner and push them upwards until the weight is properly balanced.

Keep turning the spinner to look for other imbalances that need to be addressed.


Shopping for Wind Spinners

How to balance a metal wind spinner

You can find wind spinners for sale in all sorts of places, from garage sales to vintage shops to dollar stores. Of course, the best garden wind spinners will be handcrafted, gorgeous, and perfectly balanced.

But that doesn't mean you have to buy them new! As you've learned from this article, you can always balance a broken wind spinner by hand.

Our Happy Gardens shop also features a unique collection of wind spinners that arrive ready-to-install and perfectly balanced. From the Butterfly Wind Spinner to the Dahlia Flower Wind Spinner to the Bicycle Kinetic Art Windmill, there are a bunch of handcrafted spinners to choose from.


About Happy Gardens

Happy Gardens is a beloved online shop that stocks tons of unique, handcrafted garden decor. From wind spinners to garden statues, we have everything you need to transform your outdoor space, give the perfect gift, or add that little touch of charm to your front porch.

Not sure how to get started? We can help! Our team is happy to assist you with any and all questions about wind spinners or other garden decor. Simply reach out to us via chat! After all, here at Happy Gardens, we're happy to help!

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