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Having Trouble Getting You Wind Spinner To Spin? Try This

Having Trouble Getting You Wind Spinner To Spin? Try This

You may already have a wind spinner in your outdoor space. But if that wind spinner won't spin, it's just another piece of garden decor. Fortunately, fixing your wind spinner isn't difficult.

So, if you've found yourself wondering: Why can't I get my wind spinner to spin?, this article if for you. In fact, our guide will help you understand the basics of wind spinners, including how to fix one that's fallen into disrepair.


What are Wind Spinners?

Wind spinners harness wind power to create "moving" art that's often colorful, whimsical, and three-dimensional. Many wind spinners feature two or more concentric rings that rotate on the same central axis, creating an especially remarkable "spin".

What are Wind Spinners Good For?

Wind spinners, sometimes known as whirligigs, are used almost entirely for decoration. They add a twist to outdoor spaces, from front walkways to empty yards. Plus, these pieces of "kinetic art" add an unexpected, quaint form of visual interest to any outdoor space.


Common Concerns with Wind Spinners

Most wind spinners are fun, quirky little pieces of garden decor that require little maintenance. However, inclement weather, natural aging, and other factors can take their toll on them.

Here are some of the most common concerns that might affect your wind spinner:

Very Little Wind

This goes without saying, but if there's no breeze in the slightest where you've installed your wind spinner, it's not going to work. If you want your garden decor spinning properly, consider relocating it to an area that picks up a constant breeze.

Take a walk around your property and identify the areas where the breeze seems steadiest. These could be better locations for your favorite wind spinner.

Dirty Bearings

Another reason your wind spinner isn't working? It could be filthy!

Over time, most garden spinner decor picks up dirt, grime, and other residue. And while this may add to an item's patinated look, this buildup can also cause your wind spinner to stop working.

If the bearings of your wind spinner feel sticky, you could try adding some WD-40 to them to provide a little lubrication. This can help eliminate friction that's preventing your spinner from getting a good spin.

You can always clean off the metal parts with white vinegar, too.


Sometimes, a wind spinner, its central axis, or even its outer ring has become out of balance. If your wind spinner isn't working after you've moved it to a windier space and cleaned up its bearings, it may be time to check its setup.

Plus, a wind spinner needs perfect balance to move properly. To balance a wind spinner, you may need to manually bend the sculpture, or ask a handyman, carpenter, or metalworker to repair it for you.


You may also need to address the placement of your wind spinner. Whether it's hung or mounted, an incorrect installation could be affecting your spinner's ability to rotate properly.

Try uninstalling your wind spinner, double-checking all installation points, and then reinstalling it.


Where Should You Place Wind Spinners?

So, where should you install wind spinners, exactly? You can put them anywhere you'd like, but the best options are places that both encourage spinning and put your garden decor on full display.

You can enjoy a wind spinner in your front or backyard, hang one from your favorite tree, or stake it into a windy, high-traffic corner of your lawn. Whatever you decide, ensure your wind spinner has enough access to a steady breeze.


How Should You Clean Wind Spinners?

Like all garden decor, wind spinners need a little bit of TLC from time to time. Plastic wind spinners have shorter life spans, but can still be wiped down with a damp cloth between seasons.

During periods of inclement weather, you might want to consider taking these spinners inside. After all, those delicate flowers may not survive a downpour.

You can also use a little bit of water and an old rag to wipe down metal wind spinners. WD-40 and a touch of vinegar and salt can also help remove grime and restore a wind spinner to its heyday.


How Do You Open a Metal Spinner?

If you need to clear or repair a metal wind spinner, you may need to open it. Start by holding the center point, then grabbing the outermost ring. Then, twist the outer ring until the decoration opens.

When you're done cleaning or repairing your spinner, ensure to put each component back together tightly.


Where to Buy a Wind Spinner

You can buy a wind spinner in all sorts of places, from garage sales and swap meets to online stores like Happy Gardens. Wherever you choose to buy a wind spinner, insist on purchasing one that's unique, easy to keep clean, and in good working order.

If you do choose to buy a wind spinner that's not functional, keep in mind that the tips and tricks in this article may help you restore it. If it can't be salvaged, you can still display it in your outdoor space as traditional garden decor.

At Happy Gardens, we have a selection of wind spinners in stock in our online store. Each one of these pieces has been carefully selected to offer the upmost charm, cheer, and energy to your outdoor space.

Best of all, every single item we sell is backed by our Happy Gardens guarantee, so you can rest assured you're going to love it.



About Happy Gardens

Happy Gardens is a one-stop-shop for unique, handcrafted garden decor. From wind spinners to garden statues, our selection of outdoor decorations are sure to transform your outdoor space.

Looking for the whimsical wind spinner of your dreams? Go ahead and check out the Happy Gardens collection. Some of our favorite wind spinners include our Butterfly Wind Spinner, Dahlia Flower Wind Spinner, or Bicycle Kinetic Art Windmill, Wagon Wheel Clamp Spinner, Double Disc spinner and Blue Pinwheel Spinner.

Not sure which piece is best for your outdoor space? Worry not! Our team is happy to assist you with any and all questions about wind spinners. Simply reach out to us via chat! After all, here at Happy Gardens, we're happy to help!

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