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Small Space? 5 Gardening Ideas You’ll Love

Posted by Happy Gardens on

Whether you’ve got a porch, patio, or balcony, you’ll find that at least one of these small space gardening ideas works for you!

Quick and Easy Garden Ideas: Design the Perfect Flower Bed

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While we can’t do the digging, install pretty stone borders, or decide which perennials to include in your landscape, we can help you design the perfect flower bed, complete with attractive accents that keep your lawn or garden looking its best even when flowers aren’t in bloom.


DIY Landscaping: Water Features Made Easy

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Small, portable water features are a DIY landscaper’s dream: They’re the perfect way to add even more life to your lawn or garden without much investment in terms of money, time, or even effort. Just like full-size ponds, they provide visiting birds and pollinators with a valuable source of refreshment, and like their larger cousins, they bring a wonderful touch of ambience to outdoor spaces of every kind.


Rain Chains: A Beautiful Alternative to Downspouts

Posted by AndrewDurot Collaborator on

Also known as Kusari-toi or Kusari-doi, rain chains originated in Japan, where even basic, useful items are often meant to be visually pleasing as well as utilitarian. Hung beneath a gutter’s exit point, a rain chain transforms the flow of falling water into a beautiful feature. The most basic, traditional designs feature linked chains or simple cups with cutouts in their bottoms. As rainwater trickles down the chain, it creates a pleasing waterfall effect.


Decorating for Spring: Essential Décor for Porches and Patios

Posted by Happy Gardens on

Spring decorating is easy with a few key pieces! It takes just a few moments to prepare a spot for your home’s newest treasure – leaving you with plenty of time to relax and take it all in. Happy Spring!


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